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Make your office flu-proof

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A healthy workforce is a productive workforce in the fast-paced world of business. It’s flu season, and it is imperative to protect your workplace from viruses and pathogens using cleaning and hygiene supplies . At Viking, we not only understand the…

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Beating the Blue Monday Blues

Beating the blue monday blues

Typically the third Monday of January, Blue Monday is considered the “most depressing day of the year”. This day marks the unfortunate convergence of post-holiday blues, gloomy weather, and abandoned New Year’s resolutions, thereby negatively impacting our mood and productivity.…

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Halloween at the office

Halloween at the office

Halloween at the office is a time to let your team’s creativity shine, foster team spirit, and break away from the usual routine. It’s the perfect opportunity to bring a little spookiness and entertainment to your workplace, of course without…

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Agile at Viking

Agile at viking

Agile methodology has emerged as a powerful way of working in the past decades, allowing teams to streamline their work through an adaptive approach to project management. At its core, Agile methodology prioritises delivering work in clearly defined, well thought-out…

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Fitness at Work


It may seem tough to squeeze in workouts throughout our hectic week due to demanding schedules. The idea of preparing a gym bag, trudging to the local gym, working out, bathing, changing, then slogging back home takes a lot of…

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Skills for new-age leadership


More and more organizations are looking for novel answers to today’s difficult economic conditions. They are open to experimenting with various strategies in order to enhance innovation, engage workers, promote growth, boost productivity, and raise profitability. Employees are rejecting the…

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