Make your office flu-proof

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A healthy workforce is a productive workforce in the fast-paced world of business. It’s flu season, and it is imperative to protect your workplace from viruses and pathogens using cleaning and hygiene supplies . At Viking, we not only understand the importance of flu prevention at the workplace, but also offer you the products you need to keep your employees safe! We’re here to guide you through the steps to achieve it.

Limit contact and cross-contamination

Awareness is key

Share articles, infographics, or videos on proper handwashing techniques, the importance of using tissues, and general flu prevention strategies with your employees. Consider hanging up informative posters in well-frequented places like the washrooms and pantry. Remember, awareness is the first line of defence.

Cleaning essentials for a flu-proof office

Tissues and dispensers : Keep tissues available throughout the office, particularly in places that get a lot of traffic. Set up dispensers for easy access, and instil in everyone the habit of using tissues when necessary.

Hand sanitiser stations : Strategically place hand sanitiser stations at entry points, communal areas, and near shared equipment. This ensures that employees can use them efficiently and also serve as handy little reminders.

Surface wipes: Stock up on cleaning wipes for employees to disinfect their workstations regularly. Wiping down commonly touched surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, and shared electronics is crucial to maintain good hygiene.

Quality hand soaps : Invest in quality hand soaps for the office kitchen and washrooms. Encourage proper handwashing by placing reminders about the recommended duration for effective cleaning.

Encourage a healthy culture

Wellness programs: Consult with your Learning and Development team and initiate wellness programs that focus on overall health, including strategies to boost the immune system. Consider organising informational sessions with healthcare professionals.

Flexible sick leave policies: Encourage employees to prioritise their health and well-being and stay home when feeling unwell. Implement flexible sick leave policies to reduce the likelihood of sick employees coming to work.

By incorporating these strategies into your office routine, you’re not just preventing the flu; you’re creating a culture of wellness. By promoting good hygiene and health practices, you’re empowering individuals to take charge of their own health, fostering a sense of responsibility for their well-being and that of their colleagues. The result is an office environment that promotes not just physical health, but also mental resilience and a positive atmosphere. At Viking, we’re committed to supporting your efforts in building a thriving workplace. Stay healthy, stay productive!