How to Motivate Yourself for Work

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The beginning of the year can be a tough time to find self-motivation in the workplace! There is a lot of pressure to be productive, as it seems like a fruitful way to start the new year on the right foot. Blue Monday (typically the third Monday in January), which is often considered the most depressing day of the year, just passed us by, and it is even further reason to uplift our spirits and motivate ourselves.
With colleagues and friends setting their resolutions for the year and the peer pressure of having your next move figured out, it is easy to confuse productivity with toxic positivity. So read on to find out how you can stay motivated in fun ways!

Find your purpose

It is often said that you won’t work a day in your life if you love what you do. While true, it is very rare to find a job that aligns perfectly with your aspirations. Thus, it is imperative to find your calling within what you are doing to keep yourself motivated. If and when you find your calling in your daily work, life becomes much more interesting, and you can work towards achieving those goals.
One thing that helps in figuring out your thoughts is using a notetaking system or jotting down ideas on sticky notes. You can easily move them around and quickly pen down your feelings or plans. As they are also portable, you can keep them on your person and just scribble your thoughts down even on the move.

Treat yo’ self

You must always remember to treat yourself with kindness. We don’t always manage to achieve our goals, and sometimes it can be very hard to come to terms with that. However, it is crucial to cut yourself some slack and reward yourself for trying hard and giving it your best shot.
It is thus a good idea to monitor your self-talk. How you talk to yourself sets the tone for how you allow others to treat you as well. Remember to be patient with yourself, even in the face of failure. Hype yourself up mentally with positive thoughts and physically with the right nutrition. Stay fuelled with healthy snacks and warm beverages. It is not a race but a marathon, so take care of yourself!

Create a plan

Spend some time every once in a while, reflecting on what you are drawn to in life. This helps you map out where you are currently and how you can reach where you want to be. It may seem daunting, but it is important not to lose faith and keep working towards your purpose. Invest time in yourself and don’t fall prey to the doubts or negativity- whether it be from others or even yourself.
Create a step-by-step plan that you can action, as this takes the pressure off of having to figure out a whole chunk at once. The aim is to come up with bite-sized actionable steps that can help you achieve your objectives.
It may also help to have a visual representation of your desired results, and planning boards can really prove useful in this process. This way, you always have your plan in front of you, and can refer to it at any point. This also subliminally sinks in your goals in your mind, and can positively influence your hard work in achieving them.
So, remember to treat yourself kindly and always keep a positive outlook towards achieving your goals. Fend off all negativity and keep your focus on yourself and your progress. When are you starting?