Ways to spark your creativity at work

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We all have those days where no matter what we do, the creative juices just don’t seem to flow. Where inspiration seems to evade us despite our best efforts, and we can’t get out of the funk. And those are the times where you need some tips to keep the dreaded creative block at bay. Sounds too familiar? Read on for some fun inspiration!

There is no one right way to spark creativity

The first thing to remember is that there is no one right way to stay creative. There are different things that work for different people, and creativity is very subjective. Brainstorming may be an interactive way to open up the discussion and get multiple brains working behind an idea. If you’re stuck on a creative project, it may prove useful to get some inspiration from your colleagues and invite them for a brainstorming session.
Giving everyone the platform to speak freely during these sessions is very important. This inculcates a healthy spirit of teamwork in the group, and allows everyone a safe space to share their ideas. A good idea may come from anywhere, and stifling voices should be avoided.

There are a variety of brainstorming styles that may be applied to sparking creativity and getting tasks completed efficiently. One of the best ways to brainstorm is to put all the ideas on a whiteboard or flipchart, so that there is a visual aspect to the creative process. Colleagues can then proceed to add their ideas on to the same board using markers and sticky notes. This visual element is the key that engages our senses and leads to fruitful brainstorms.

Building knowledge and acumen

Getting out of the rut is essential to being creative- literally. Sitting in the same office chair all day is monotonous and uninspiring. Going for a refreshing walk with colleagues or chatting during lunch can spark bright ideas and directions for your project.
A great way to stay creative is to keep your brain active and alert. When we are motivated and stay on top of current trends in our industry, it is easier for us to be innovative and infuse creativity into our projects. Having knowledge sharing sessions, mentorship, and attending seminars and workshops are all effective ways to stay productive.
This leads to networking and seeking out others with a similar purpose. This sort of collaborative creativity is extremely useful, and is effective in getting us out of our individual slumps and working as a group towards a common solution.

How we do it at Viking

At Viking, creativity is a very big part of our roles, and thus we take it very seriously! There are many ways we let our imagination run. For instance, we take regular coffee breaks to stay energised and have stimulating conversations with our colleagues. We are also fans of table soccer, and colleagues can often be seen playing during their breaks. This sort of an environment is crucial to foster a spirit of freedom and creativity.
We also have the opportunity to watch videos on GoodHabitz on relevant topics that we find interesting. This gives us the chance to explore new ideas and also improve our soft skills. These kinds of platforms help our colleagues better themselves and also learn important skills in the process.

We spoke to some of our colleagues, and here is what they had to say about sparking creativity at work:

“The creative energy of people having fun together leads to unexpected ideas and sparkles in my mind.” – Andreea
“Music, and then preferably classical music, really helps to spark the creativity for me!” – Linda
“Table soccer: the perfect break to hit targets with precision, reminding me that a little friendly competition can bring new perspectives.” – Marloes
“Letting a few days pass by always help with finding inspiration and rewriting sentences.” – Sarah
“Having a nice run in the evening always gives me more energy for the next day.” – Fynn
“Having conversations with the team and going for walks energise me greatly.” – Annelies

So what are you trying next to stay productive?