Spring into freshness: Elevate your workspace with spring cleaning tips!

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As spring approaches, it’s the perfect time to give your workspace a refreshing makeover. A clean and organised office not only boosts productivity among employees, but also creates a positive and invigorating atmosphere. Make spring cleaning a priority with quality supplies from Viking. We have some tips for spring cleaning so that you can achieve a workspace that sparkles.

Size up your cleaning goals

Before diving into the cleaning frenzy, assess the size of the task at hand. Whether you have a compact home office or a bustling corporate space, understanding the scale of your spring cleaning venture can help you plan and allocate time efficiently.

Bathroom cleaners

Start by focusing on high traffic areas like the office bathrooms. A clean and well-maintained restroom not only promotes hygiene, but also leaves a lasting impression on clients and employees alike. Invest in quality bathroom cleaners  to ensure a spotless and fresh-smelling space.

For high-traffic areas, opt for industrial-strength bathroom cleaners that effectively combat germs and odours. Disinfectant wipes , air fresheners, and touchless soap dispensers are essential tools in these spaces. Ensure that hand soap and paper towels are well-stocked for regular use in medium-traffic bathrooms. Adding air purifiers can contribute to a fresh environment, creating a pleasant experience for employees without the need for heavy-duty cleaning measures. While low-traffic restrooms may not experience the same wear and tear, maintaining cleanliness is paramount. Focus on preventive measures, such as adhering to deep cleaning schedules, ensuring that surfaces and fixtures stay free from dust and germs. In these areas, fragrant diffusers or scented candles can add a delightful touch.

Kitchen cleaning

The office kitchen is a hub of activity, making it essential to keep it clean and inviting for spring. Wipe down surfaces, sanitise communal areas, and declutter crockery cabinets to create a pleasant environment. Our range of kitchen cleaning supplies ensures your breakroom is a space where colleagues can recharge in a clean and inviting atmosphere.

For high-traffic kitchens, opt for heavy-duty kitchen cleaners that swiftly cut through grease and grime. In areas where the kitchen sees moderate activity, strike a balance with versatile kitchen cleaners. Choose solutions that effectively tackle daily spills and messes without being too harsh. Focus on preventive measures, such as implementing a monthly deep-cleaning routine, to ensure that even the least-used kitchen remains fresh and ready for use. For more specific tips, check out our blog on keeping your office kitchen clean.

Office cleaning

Spring cleaning is the perfect excuse to tackle clutter on desks, organise supplies, and give your office space a makeover. A clutter-free workspace promotes focus and productivity. Opt for solutions that make tidying up your desks and shared spaces a breeze.

For office spaces with heavy traffic, consider installing contactless hand sanitiser stations to help keep your employees healthy. This not only helps in keeping the office flu-proof, but also allows colleagues to prioritise making good choices. For medium and low traffic businesses, this is the perfect time to neaten up the filing cabinets and declutter paperwork. A larger cleanliness drive is also possible involving all the employees! Put up quotes for spring cleaning in shared areas to encourage employees to take charge of their workspaces.

Checklist for a seamless spring cleaning:

  1. Create a cleaning schedule
  2. Declutter desks and workspaces
  3. Sanitise shared surfaces
  4. Clean windows and curtains
  5. Dust light fixtures and ceiling corners
  6. Spruce up electronics (keyboards, mouse, etc.)
  7. Fix your cable management
  8. Deep clean carpets and rugs
  9. Review and update filing systems
  10. Disinfect office equipment (printers, phones, etc.)
  11. Streamline the waste disposal ystem
  12. Assess and restock cleaning supplies
  13. Launder and refresh soft furnishings (curtains, cushions, etc.)

A clean and well-organised workspace is also reflected in your employees’ health and productivity. At Viking, we’re here to support your spring cleaning goals with a range of quality cleaning supplies. And now that your office space is neat and tidy, it is time to relax- erm, get back to work!