Working on the go like a pro!

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In this day and age, working on the go is a frequent occurrence for many professionals. The office is no longer the only location employees work, and the possibilities have expanded considerably. Whether it be working while commuting, visiting clients and remote locations, or balancing personal commitments, technology enables us to work on the go. This undoubtedly offers opportunities for efficiency, but there also some pitfalls, such having to work in distracting surroundings or experiencing technical difficulties.

Luckily, some preparation can avoid the potential hurdles of working remotely. Professionals require resources and tactics that include equipment and best practises in order to remain organised and productive on the go. Read on for some ideas for tools and techniques that will help you navigate working on the go more efficiently.

On the way to success

It’s a good idea to make the most of your commute to get ready for the day. It allows you time to get organised and gives you a head start on the impending tasks. If it’s a daily travel to the office, simply checking one’s e-mail is often enough to give you an understanding of what the day may hold. Making a to-do list is a great way to already start the workday running.

On the other hand, if it’s a business trip or client visit, you may have a longer commute by a train or flight. It may be frustrating to have these periods of idle travel time. However, with the right tools and resources, these long stretches of time can also be utilised. Working on the move helps you work smarter, not harder! Perhaps there’s a long report to be read- the flight is the ideal time to catch up with the reading.

Invest in useful accessories that serve your requirements to set yourself up for success. Consider the situation where you need to finish an urgent but confidential presentation. That would be extremely stressful to complete in a crowded setting. On the other hand, a simple privacy filter on your laptop would spare you a ton of hassle and anxiety. As most professionals use multiple devices like phones, laptops, or tablets to keep up with their tasks, a power bank is an almost inevitable accessory.

Make the destination count

Working on the go is not just about utilising the commute. What happens when you reach your hotel or accommodation? Nowadays, many hotels offer conference rooms that can be used for client meetings. In case you want to explore the new city, venture out and look for a shared workspace. They have become increasingly popular and offer affordable prices with great service.
Ensure that you pack all of your essentials into the laptop bag when you leave for the day. This would include all your devices, important paperwork, and of course some water and snacks. This way, you are never caught off-guard and have all your belongings with you.

Planning is the key

Often success just comes down to efficient planning. Checking you have all your chargers or power bank handy is a quick way to ensure your devices never run out of juice. This in turn helps you work longer without rummaging through your belongings and trying to remember where you packed everything. A good pair of noise-cancelling headphones will ensure you are unbothered by crowded stations. This will also increase your productivity in the airport significantly. Try to map out the places that are likely to have Wi-Fi and schedule your online work accordingly.

Working on the go can be incredibly liberating, but also be mindful of the various data protection laws and privacy concerns. For instance, don’t leave your laptop unattended or with strangers, especially if it contains confidential data. Be wary of using unauthorised or private internet connections, as they may be fraudulent. Stay away from opening unknown links or suspicious e-mails. Also, remember to lock your device’s screen when not in use.
Working on the go is becoming increasingly inevitable. Thus, it should be considered an opportunity and not a liability. Follow these tips and suggestions to have a smooth and efficient workflow while travelling.