Stay fit and motivated – even during the workday

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The pandemic continues to have a major impact on our daily lives, and we have all come to recognise how it has changed our routines. For this reason, we’ve decided that we’re not going to think about everything we can’t do right now. Instead, we’re going to share some great tips for staying fit this winter in the (home) office. Exercising and staying active at work can have positive impacts upon your health, wellbeing and mood, so the benefits extend to all aspects of your life! Try out our tips today – after all, if we can’t go to the real gym, it doesn’t hurt to pretend we have one at home, right?


Boost your step count while on calls

When you have the option to have a video-free meeting, you can really step up your game with the help of a step stool. (The perfect type is one with a durable, non-slip top.) Connect your earbuds and spend your meeting stepping on and off the stepstool, switching legs each time. This way, you can work your lower body while you keep moving, which will help keep your energy up for the call. Despite being a great exercise and way to keep moving, you won’t be too out of breath to participate in the call – so get moving!

Ordered a step stool already and awaiting delivery? You can use a sturdy crate in the meantime to get that necessary dose of exercise, and ease yourself in.


Do desk yoga

Throughout the day, your brain receives countless audible stimuli and visual signals. This can lead to strain on your eyes, fatigue and can impact your wellbeing at work. Meditation is a good solution, but it can be a bit of a challenge in a noisy office. This is exactly where ‘desk yoga’ comes in! Take a few minutes from your day to perform a selection of yoga poses behind your desk, focusing entirely on the movement of your body. It won’t just help stretch your muscles; it will give you a moment to escape the hustle and bustle of your day and relax your mind.

There are some easy stretches you can do behind your desk. A slow ‘neck roll’ will relieve the tension in your neck and shoulders. Then, you continue your routine with the ‘cat-cow stretch’ – all from the comfort of your own (desk) chair. If working from home, you may have more space to try out some different yoga positions, so get stretching and gain peace of mind whilst at work.


Schedule exercise breaks

With busy work schedules and commitments after your workday ends, it’s easy to lose track of time. Sometimes, you just don’t remember how long you’ve been sitting in front of a screen. That’s why it’s a good idea to plan periodic exercise breaks, and commit to moments when you leave your desk and move around a bit. It doesn’t have to be nearly as drastic it might sound. You can take a short walk through the park, cycle around the neighbourhood or grab some weights – whatever stimulates you in the right way and gives you a break from the mundane!


By regularly taking a short break and really moving, you can keep your mood and motivation levels high. Stimulating blood flow and stretching your muscles is a great way to improve your wellbeing and elevate your health. With these quick desk exercises, you don’t have to put on sports clothes or get so sweaty you need to shower. We’re all committed to giving the best we can whilst at work, so extend that to giving yourself the best chance of a healthy lifestyle and healthy working environment!

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