Rubber Band Sizes

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The rubber band is an item used all over the world for a variety of purposes. From keeping documents and other items together to sealing containers or even building a rubber band ball, the rubber band is truly one of the most versatile items of office stationery.

When it comes to elastic band sizes, there are a whole host to choose from, and selecting the right one depends on the job you need it to do. Here’s our guide to elastic band sizes.

What is the standard rubber band size?

There is no such thing as a standard rubber band size. The size of a rubber band is determined by its length in millimetres, which can be measured by placing the folded rubber band along the length of a ruler. Rubber bands are all assigned a size number. This number relates to the dimensions of the rubber band, making them easier to identify.

Because of the number of different uses for rubber bands, it’s not possible to describe one as ‘standard’. Due to their common use for everyday jobs, there are certain sizes that you’re probably used to seeing more than others. We have compiled a rubber band size chart that displays the rubber band measurements and should help identify the size you require.

Rubber band size chart

When purchasing rubber bands, you should have a good idea of the type of application you would want to use them for. This rubber band size chart will help you find the right size elastic band for your needs.

Size No. Length Width
8 25 mm 1,5 mm
10 35 mm 1,5 mm
12 38 mm 1,5 mm
14 50,8 mm 1,6 mm
16 60 mm 1,5 mm
19 88,9 mm 1,6 mm
24 152,4 mm 1,6 mm
30 50,8 mm 3,2 mm
32 76,2 mm 3,2 mm
33 88,9 mm 3,2 mm
34 101,6 mm 3,2 mm
36 127 mm 3,2 mm
38 152,4 mm 3,2 mm
63 76,2 mm 6,3 mm
64 88,9 mm 6,3 mm
65 101,6 mm 6,3 mm
69 152,4 mm 6,3 mm
75 101,6 mm 9,5 mm
89 152,4 mm 12,7 mm
90 170 mm 12 mm
170 160 mm 12 mm

Practical uses for rubber band sizes

Knowing the size of a rubber band is one thing, but knowing the practical use for a certain size of elastic band will make purchasing the right size even easier. Unfortunately, there’s no real science to which rubber band sizes work for each and every precise use. For everyday office jobs, it can often be worthwhile to purchase a multipack.

To help narrow down your choice, remember that more heavy duty uses will require a thicker elastic band. For instance, if you are looking to keep a shoebox closed with a rubber band, a size 89 would be a good choice. For lighter jobs, such as banding envelopes together, something like a number 34 elastic band would be a good choice.

There are so many wide and varied applications for elastic bands that make them one of the most useful items of stationery available. Check out our selection of elastic bands to find the right ones for you.