The hangover cure: four top tips to combat fatigue after the Super Bowl

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Every year, the Super Bowl draws millions of fans from around the world into one of the greatest sporting spectacles of the year. Whether tuning in from home or being lucky enough to be present in the stadium, everyone is excited to witness a true battle of the titans. Held In Los Angeles, California, the coveted final will be disputed by two of the finest American football teams of modern times. With a breath-taking halftime show, tailor made commercials and numerous additional events, the spectacle doesn’t end on the pitch!

The Super Bowl is a truly global and colossal event. More than 100 million TV viewers are expected to tune in across the US alone. Time zones also do not impact viewership, as in the United Kingdom and Ireland, around four million people are expected to watch live late into the night. If, like many fans around Europe you will be cheering on the teams into the early hours, you’ll have to contend with a sleepy day at work! To help you stay focused and on track after the big event, we share some tips on how to get through the next working day without any problems.

The Ever Reliable Cup of Coffee

No other drink seemingly has the same effect on us as coffee. No wonder: it has been proven that the caffeine found in coffee wakes you up and helps combat fatigue, even after a long night. Ideally, however, you should not drink your first coffee immediately after getting up as your body has its own ways of waking up, such as increased cortisol levels. Instead, be sure to rehydrate with some water before indulging in a cup of coffee.
Indeed, you may find the best results come if you wait until about an hour after getting up to drink your first cup. But after a night full of touchdowns and quarterback sacks, it might be best – as an exception – to grab your cup a bit earlier.

Stay Focused Thanks to Yoga

It may sound contradictory, but if you’re feeling drained and sleepy after a night full of sporting excitement, the best thing to do may be to indulge in some physical activity of your own!

Yoga can help to stretch out tired muscles and help you focus on the day ahead. Yoga is great for multiple environments. You could get creative at work or in your (home) office, for instance. Stretch a little, stand on one leg every now and then and give your body new stimuli. When you work at your desk, it makes sense to do desk yoga, especially during periods of sitting. In this blog we have summarised how you can combine yoga and desk work, and improve your wellbeing!

Light and Airy

The Super Bowl promises a spectacle every year, which also includes innovative lighting concepts. Correct lighting is also an essential part of any home office, and the right light can help reduce tiredness and eye fatigue! Especially during the winter months, natural light is quite scarce. Being exposed to light helps promote the production of hormones that reduce fatigue and tiredness.

For this reason, a walk during yourlunch break or midway through your morning can do wonders. With a simple walk, you combine exercise with a round of sunshine. If the sun doesn’t shine, at least you get some fresh air. The extra oxygen also gives you a big energy boost.

Bon Appetit!

Whether it’s whilst watching the Super Bowl, or the day after when you’re sleepy and lazy, you will likely feel like eating sweet foods. When you are tired, food with high sugar content can be extra tempting. Yet this increased sugar level can also leave you feeling tired faster! This is because your blood sugar level rises quickly, but drops off just as quickly.

Fortunately, fruits and vegetables also help give you energy, but they don’t raise your blood sugar levels as abruptly. The avocado is considered a real remedy for fatigue, as are apples and blueberries. In addition, you can make a delicious smoothie with vegetables and fruit that provides healthier energy quickly and easily.

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