New Year, new (home) office: three tips for an inspiring makeover

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Welcome to 2022! The first two weeks of the new year are already over, and we are rapidly getting back into the groove of everyday life. The beginning of the year is the ideal opportunity to stop old habits and reinvent your life, and that’s true of your office life as well! So, how about a redesign of your office space? An office makeover can give you an extra dash of inspiration, making you, and your colleagues more content, productive and connected whilst at work. Don’t forget that whilst remote working, it is just as worthwhile to invest in both your home office and that of your employees. Let’s explore how this motivating makeover can work.

1. Order is half the battle!

The basic foundation for both your redesign and for ensuring that you‘re feeling completely comfortable in your workspace is a sensible system of organisation. After all, it’s scientifically proven that chaos increases stress levels. So, tackle those stacks of paper because your first task is sorting! A great rule to live by is to only keep what you really need. This principle doesn’t just apply to papers. Look at anything that’s creating disorder. For example, check which pens are still working and which cables are actually needed.

After sorting, put a sensible system in place to help maintain your new office order. Every snippet, every pen or every stapler should have an assigned place. Here, it’s best to work with neat folders and boxes with matching decor. They’ll not only look tidy, but will also create a harmonious picture. There is even a solution for the tangled mess of cables under many people’s desks – cable boxes!

2. Put an end to back pain!

An ergonomic chair is essential for a healthy posture at your workspace, whether in your home office or at your company! If you don’t already have a good ergonomic chair, take advantage of the New Year and resolve to invest in your own health (and that of your employees) by eliminating the pain and discomfort that comes from sitting at your desk for long periods of time. With height-adjustable desks, you can bring office equipment to a whole new level.

In addition to adjustable desks and ergonomic office chairs, there’s additional technical equipment that also makes work easier. A monitor at eye level also helps maintain a healthy posture and ensures comfort. Also, hands and wrists should be supported with special mousepads.

3. It all depends on the environment!

It is no secret that beautiful surroundings contribute to well-being and motivation. It can be incredibly helpful to allow employees to give their company workspaces their own special touches with small accessories such as pictures or plants. You should also give them a say in decorating the rooms. And don’t be afraid to give the office space a nice cosy flair, so everyone feels comfortable. Armchairs, for example, offer additional space for short breaks or relaxed brainstorming sessions.

As an employer, you can make your employees happy in their home offices with gifts for their space, such as a plant. Plants brighten the mood and have been proven to contribute to better air quality!

Would you like to take advantage of the new year to give your office or home office a makeover? Find out which equipment and tools you can use to support yourself and your employees. At Viking, you can find everything you need: