Join Us in Celebrating #VikingWorldBookDay

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World Book Day is fast approaching, and we want you to join us in celebrating all things fiction and non-fiction on Thursday 5th March. Books have brought us so much joy over the years and continue to do so, capturing us with worlds brought to life on the pages we read. This year, we want to celebrate World Book Day with you all in a very special way. We’re challenging you to tap into your creative side, while making the most of old books, rather than letting them collect dust on the bookshelf.

To kick things off, we sent 20 of our favourite bloggers a box of supplies, giving them all the kit they need to take on this challenge. The box included a book full of crafting inspiration, old book paper and a whole host of art-related equipment. #VikingWorldBookDay is all about feeling inspired by a book we have a particular connection with and channelling our creative side to craft something related to that story. So, if you’re a lover of Roald Dahl, why not try to recreate James’ famous peach? Take a seat and grab your paper and ink and get crafting!

We have already had a go ourselves…

Our idea is inspired by Aslan from the legendary The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, written by C.S Lewis. Below is a step-to-step guide of how we created our Lion, maybe it’ll give you a little helping hand with your own design…

Firstly, here’s what we used:

Crafting equipment used by viking, including two books, glue, scissors and a pencil – Pages from children’s books
– Letter-sized piece of thin card stock
– Glue and a glue stick
– Pencil
– Tracing paper
– Scissors
– Craft knife
– Cutting mat

Step One:

Crafting mat with card scissors and a pencil on top

We folded the card in half and stuck a coloured page from the children’s book to one side.

Step Two:

Card with a lion's body traced onto it

We used the pencil to trace the lion’s body, head and facial features onto the card.

Step Three:

Shot of table with a lion made of card, scissors and glue

We cut out the body shape we had traced on the card, using the craft knife for the tricky parts.

Step Four:

Lion's body, head and whiskers all crafted from card

We moved onto the head. Using the craft knife we cut out the face, eyes, nose, whiskers, and thin strips of coloured paper for the mane. The strips were 5mm wide and 4cm long.

Step Five:

Lion's head made from card with lots of thin strips of paper used to make the mane

We carefully stuck the strips around the outside of the face to make the mane. Then we stuck the nose, eyes and whiskers on the face.

Step Six:

Lion crafted out of card and old books

Finally, to finish – we stuck the head onto the body we had already cut out.


And there you have it…

Lion crafted out of card and old books

When it comes to what you craft, we want you to choose a scene, character or object from a book that you have a real connection with. Be imaginative, and don’t forget to share your creation with us on our twitter @viking_chat.