We Spread Some Christmas Cheer at our Craft Event

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‘Tis the season to be jolly… well, almost! Before we start unashamedly singing Mariah Carey at the top of our lungs on the daily commute, begin sneaking pigs in blankets into every meal and dive headfirst into a tub of Quality Street, we wanted to get some of London’s ‘craftiest’ bloggers together and spend an evening getting into the spirit with some Christmas crafts. Any excuse to get into the festive spirit nice and early!

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Treehouse

For our Christmas craft event, we wanted to choose a venue that would inspire our guests, away from the usual boring office furniture, and London’s Shoreditch Treehouse really was awe-inspiring! Located in a loft space in Shoreditch, the treehouse is a truly breathtakingly beautiful multi-purpose venue, complete with a gorgeous Steinway grand piano (we weren’t quite brave enough to try out a rendition of our favourite Christmas song) and an indoor swing, amongst other things. With its wooden beams and cosy furnishings, it really did feel like we’d escaped to a cosy log cabin for a festive getaway. The perfect way to kick off Christmas 2019 and help our guests get into the spirit.

We spread some christmas cheer at our craft event

All I Want for Christmas is… Prosecco and Food

From 6 pm, we opened the doors and welcomed in our blogger friends from the chilly London streets and into the warm embrace of our venue. Once our guests settled in and had a chance to catch their breath in these beautiful surroundings, they were provided with a fizzy glass of Prosecco to quench their thirst and give them that Christmas party feeling. There was a stunning display of food on offer from the fantastic Bread and Honey, including delicious spiced apple and stilton tarts, delicate smoked salmon blinis and much more, all to tickle the taste buds.

At this point, our guests could take a little time to mingle, get to know each other and jump on the indoor swing… not something they thought they’d be doing! As everyone enjoyed their drinks and a good chinwag, we got ready to brief them on the Christmas-themed crafts that we’d be enjoying throughout the evening.

We spread some christmas cheer at our craft event

It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Craft-mas

In order to ensure our craft workshop was of a standard that even Santa’s elves would approve of, we enlisted Jane and Maddie from Tea and Crafting, who provide expert classes for everyone from absolute beginners to expert crafters. We introduced our crafty duo to our guests, and they explained the two different workshops they’d be taking part in.

The first workshop involved making a personalised bauble, and the second would be to make a Christmas themed piñata. All the while, our guests would have the jolly sound of our favourite Christmas songs filling the beautiful space at Shoreditch Treehouse. We were all set to kick things off with the festive bang of a Christmas cracker!

We spread some christmas cheer at our craft event

Do They Know It’s Crafting Time?

Once we’d introduced our guests to the wonderful Jane and Maddie, it was time to get stuck into making our Christmas craft creations. First up was bauble making, and a chance for our guests to make their own decoration that could adorn their tree for many Christmases to come. Guests used paper shredders and colourful paper to create stunning baubles. They could even decorate them with writing, creating a unique gift or the perfect personalised item for their own tree. Imaginations ran wild here, with our guests creating an array of imaginative and wonderful baubles.

After we’d made our baubles, it was time to move on to piñata making. Everyone loved the idea of repurposing this classic party entertainment for the Christmas period. Once again, there was plenty of bright and bold paper used to make these look as stunning as possible, with our guests turning out some truly fantastic creations. We all agreed that these are a must-have for any Christmas party this year!


Once the activities were done it was time to get wrapped up, wish each other all the best for the festive period and return to the chill of the London night. We absolutely loved having so many wonderfully creative bloggers join us at the most stunning of venues at the Shoreditch Treehouse. Their amazing ideas and superb crafts helped us set off this year’s Christmas period in the most perfect way, after all, that’s what Christmas is all about – fantastic company and having fun!

As they left, we gave our guests their own bauble and piñata to take home. We also provided them with a lovely goodie bag that included a white mug and gold and silver pens to decorate it with. Just to top it off, everyone got a delicious stir-in hot chocolate stick, perfect for sipping on whilst watching their favourite Christmas movie!

We’d like to wish a happy Christmas to all our bloggers and thank them for joining us on a special evening!

For those who weren’t able to make the event, we have plenty of Christmas craft ideas in our Christmas craft challenge blog!