Shortbread or Cookie?: The UK’s Favourite Biscuit Revealed

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The Danish have pastries, and the French macarons, but if there’s one thing the British public loves, it’s a good biscuit. According to past studies, 93% of us can’t go a day without snacking on a delicious biscuit, with the nation spending over £1.8 billion on them each year.
Like in many workplaces across the country, here at the Viking office we’re always bickering about our favourite. So, to celebrate National Biscuit Day this May 29th, we did some research into which one is the UK’s favourite. We used Google search data to find out which biscuit had the most online search interest, and where each biscuit is the most popular. See our results below:
To find Britain’s favourite biscuit, Viking Direct selected 26 biscuit variations and ranked them based on their average monthly search volume with data from Google’s Keyword Planner. To find the city that each biscuit was most popular in, we used Google Trends, which ranks areas based on geographical interest in specific words and phrases.
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