School Bag Essentials: Get Set for School

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After a long hot summer, heading back to school can feel stressful for parents and children alike. A new year brings a whole new set of challenges, so you’ll want the transition to be as smooth as possible. Once you’ve shelled out for a new uniform to fit your ever-growing ‘little one’, you’ll also want to think about ensuring their bag is packed with everything they’ll need to take on the new year.

Here in Viking’s School Shop, we stock everything you need to help your child reach their potential and let their imagination flourish. Here are some handy tips for that big return to school, with everything from school bag essentials to things you find in a pencil case.


What Equipment Do You Need for School?

With so much to consider, it can be easy for any parent to forget something important for their child’s school bag. Luckily, many schools will provide a list of any specifics that they require for school. For instance, there may be a specific PE kit or footwear required, items for technology lessons or certain reading materials.

When it comes to items for everyday use, it all depends on the age of your child. Every school year throws up different subjects and new challenges, and it’s important they have everything they need to succeed, so it’ll vary depending on whether they’re in primary or secondary school and what they’re studying. For example, students taking GCSE maths will probably require a scientific calculator.


Things You Find in a Pencil Case

Finding the right pencil case and stocking it up ready for the new academic year was always a childhood highlight. To help ensure your child doesn’t get caught without something they need, we’ve put together a handy back to school stationery list. Just tick off items as you go along.

Back to School Stationery List

  • Pencil case: This is the place where you’ll keep all your stationery safe and on hand whenever it’s needed. It’s important to invest in one that’s the right size for all the equipment they will be carrying.
  • Pens: These can be either ballpoint, rollerball or fountain. You’ll have a choice of colours; it might be a good idea to keep a blue and black pen on hand.
  • Cartridges or refills: The last thing you’ll want when you’re scribbling down notes in class or in full flow on a project is to run out of ink. Having a supply on hand to help with refills could save a lot of time.
  • Pencils: For younger school children, a pencil can be the writing implement of choice before graduating on to a pen. For others, it forms an important part of maths or art classes.
  • Ruler: From drawing a margin on paper to art and maths projects, having a ruler on hand can come in useful for so many different things. A 15cm ruler might be the most convenient choice for a pencil case.
  • Rubber/eraser: We all make mistakes from time to time and having to start a piece of work all over again can be a big inconvenience. Keep a rubber on hand to get rid of any unsightly mistakes or workings out.
  • Pencil sharpener: Stationery often gets bashed about when we’re going from class to class, meaning a broken nib can be a common problem. Pencil sharpeners can be a lifesaver in these situations. There are plenty to choose from including manual, electric and those that’ll handily collect your shavings.
  • Glue stick: This is one for the older students, as younger children will often be supervised working with glue. It’s often a handy item to have available.
  • Colouring pencils: Adding some colour to a project can be the perfect finishing touch, having coloured pencils will truly help your imagination run wild.

Just for Maths…

There are certain specialist items that we need as we progress through school, and these maths items will no doubt come in useful at some point.

  • Compass
  • Protractor
  • Set square
  • Calculator


Getting those back to school must-haves together can feel like a daunting task for every student and parent, and nobody wants to be left without something they need on their first day back. Head to our School’s Shop and you’ll find all the school bag essentials you need to get the year off to a flying start!