Over 28,000 Push Pins Transformed This Desk into Decoration!

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We love using our products to make our offices a little
brighter. We’ve made giant post-it note murals and even recreated famous works
of art on whiteboards. For our newest project, and because we have so many Star
Wars fans in the office anticipating the new Solo movie, we wanted to transform one of our office desks into a
beautiful piece of artwork that would get people’s creative juices flowing.

That’s when we found the final piece of our artistic puzzle
– push pins! Coloured pins are a fantastic tool to transform an everyday office
into a gorgeous work of art. Close-up,
they may simply look like blocks of colour, but the further away you are, the
more detailed the image becomes!

Step 1: Planning the Project

Planning our epic project started with measuring our table.
Once we knew the size of our canvas (240cm x 120cm), we found a gorgeous image
of a Stormtrooper to replicate and turned to Photoshop so we could accurately reproduce

We downsized the image so that one pixel was equal to one
centimetre and then replaced each pixel with a coloured symbol. These symbols represented the six colours of pins we had at our disposal: black, white,
blue, green, red and yellow. Together, they form the map we needed to bring our
artwork to life.


However, we couldn’t just start sticking our pins straight into the table! We had our map design printed onto a special table top made from Foamex so we could place our pins without causing any damage.

Step 2: Bringing the Art to Life

The only thing left to do was arm our staff with enough pins to complete this monster piece of art. Employees could work on the project if they needed a quick break from their work, or if they wanted to help on their lunch break. It took a combined 39 hours to build the table over a whole week, and we’re incredibly proud of the results.


In total, we used 28,800 push pins:

  • 12,859 black
  • 9,865 white
  • 2,680 blue
  • 1,225 green
  • 1,156 yellow
  • 1,015 red

Step 3: Finishing Off the Table

Over 28,000 push pins may look amazing, but it doesn’t make for a great desk. We wanted to have our table become a staple of our office and be a conversation-starter in meetings, so we had a glass table top cut specially to rest on top of the pins. Our Stormtrooper is now a permanent member of all our future brainstorms!


Have you been creative with any office supplies? What masterpieces have you made while at work? Let us know on Twitter @viking_chat.