The Greatest Work Desk in the World

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At Viking, we strive to make everyone’s workday easier and more efficient with the best office desks available. However, there is only so much you can do with the current products available on the market. That’s why we’ve teamed up with our entire workforce to design the most advanced desk in the world, featuring a built-in bed and coffee machine. We call it The Omnidesk.


We’ve worked closely with our employees to find out what features would make their workspace more relaxing, more streamlined, and, most importantly, a more productive place to work. These features include:

  • a built-in bed for naps;
  • a breakfast bar with toaster and bread warmer; a built-in coffee machine;
  • an induction heated coaster; an exercise bike;
  • a ‘do not disturb’ light;
  • a drinks cooler; self-watering plants; a clothes drying rack;
  • a dual fan and heater;
  • a clutter drawer which is also a wireless device charger;
  • a password protected storage compartment;
  • mood lighting;
  • A work-break alarm;
  • and a recycling bin.


The problem

In a recent survey we conducted, we discovered that 47% of all UK workers do overtime at least once a week, with many doing more. With earlier starts and later finishes becoming the norm in many workplaces, we decided that we couldn’t just watch and let workers suffer. If workers can’t go home, then we’ll bring a little home to work.

The design

We wanted to make sure our design would benefit workers the world over, not just those in the UK, that’s why we surveyed our entire global workforce to discover the most sought after features in a computer desk. As the data started to come back, we noticed that there were many consistencies (mostly coffee related) which confirmed our thoughts that there was a real need for a work desk revolution.

Once we had all our information, we worked closely with a team of brilliant designers to produce a series of concept designs, eventually developing one into what we feel is the most useful work desk ever designed. Below you can see some of the original concept designs.


The key features

In most offices, space is limited, so we couldn’t just start adding features onto the exterior of the desk. Instead, we’ve managed to hide most of the features on the inside of the desk, without compromising on the ability to use the desk in a regular way.

For example, the bed folds out from the bottom of the stack of draws. Each segment is padded with the finest posturepedic foam, so the bed is not only comfortable, but great for your spine. This bed compartment even includes space for a pillow of your choosing.

On the side of the desk you’ll find a heated clothes drying rack, designed to make life easier for cyclists and those who live in wet climates. That’s right: no more sitting at your desk feeling damp all day because you choose to cycle in the UK!

Once you’ve made it to work, you can quickly make yourself a coffee and some toast, with the built-in coffee machine and toaster. Once you’ve made your tasty treats, you can keep them warm throughout the day with the heated coaster and induction activated hot-plate and bread warmer.

On the top of the desk is a clutter compartment for the storage of items such as a mobile phone. It comes with the added bonus of also being a wireless charger for a wide range of devices.



For now, our work desk is only a concept design, however, it could become a reality in the future, revolutionising the office for hard-working employees everywhere. If you would like to share your thoughts with us, such as additional features we could include, please feel free to let us know your ideas on twitter us using @viking_chat and #BestDeskEver

All we need to do now is design a new office chair