James Bond: From HR with Love

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James Bond: From HR with Love

James Bond has a license to kill. He’s on Her Majesty’s Secret Service. He’ll live and let die. But does he fill in all of his expense claim forms on time? Does he pay attention to Health and Safety regulations? We’ve got a feeling he’d actually be a royal pain for the HR department at MI6. We take a look at the true cost of 007’s antics.

Racking up Bond’s bills

Tracking Daniel Craig’s Bond films, we’ve uncovered just how many disciplinaries he’d receive, how many expense claim forms he’d have to fill out and all the HR bureaucracy he’d have to deal with – although how he’d get receipts for half the things he ruins is beside us. There must be folders and folders of the things!

So, just how bad of an employee would James Bond really be?

Matt Spaiser from thesuitsofjamesbond.comtold us “I don’t think any of the other Bonds would be as terrible an employee as Daniel Craig’s Bond is. Bond’s biggest headache would certainly be insurance forms. Most of his cars are destroyed, his life is always in serious danger and buildings are constantly blown up around him.”

Tom Huffner, Editor of bondmovies.com, said the biggest annoyance for Bond and MI6 would be “insurance forms and the claims that might follow each of his missions. No matter the property, gadget, car or gun he is assigned from Q branch, they always seem to get either lost or damaged.”

Sean Evans at bttm.co.uk agrees, telling us “the amount of explosions, property damage and MI6 ruined equipment would rack up a hefty total to the point where he wouldn’t be trusted with bubble wrap let alone a pistol!”

Take a look at our breakdown of Bond’s bad behaviour: