How to make a good impression at a job interview

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How to dress for a job interview

People make assumptions about others based on how they look
– and not always fair or positive ones. Unfortunately, this means that we might
have to put personal preferences aside when dressing for an interview, and
subscribe to the ‘smart’ dress code usually adopted.

It’s recommended that men wear a well-fitting suit,
button-down shirt, belt, and dress shoes. Women should wear a smart dress and
jacket, or a suit and blouse – modest heels or flat shoes are best. Try not to
choose colours, patterns or styles that may be considered brash or inappropriate.

The most important thing is that clothing is clean,
crease-free and in good condition, and shoes are polished and free of scuffs.

However, remember that there’s more than clothing to
consider when it comes to presenting yourself well. Before your interview, have
a shower and brush your teeth so you smell fresh. Ensure your hair is clean and
neat, and keep makeup and accessories to a minimum.

What to take to a job interview

You want to come across as an organised and forward-thinking
person, so as well as anything specifically requested, take along documentation
and other items that might come in handy. Pack everything in a smart bag or briefcase.

It’s a good idea to take a few hard copies of your cover
letter and CV, in case your interviewers don’t have them at hand. If relevant,
have a portfolio of work ready to showcase, too. Print everything out on
high-quality paper
and display them neatly in a presentation


We also recommend having a pen
and personal
with you. That way, you can note down any important information
from the interview. Getting out your phone to record these details can look

Job interview etiquette

First impressions count, so you should be ready to make an
impact as soon as you walk into the building for your job interview. Arrive
five to ten minutes early, with your phone switched off. Don’t carry any drinks
or chew gum.

It goes without saying that you should be friendly and
polite to everyone you meet, and maintain a confident smile throughout. When
you meet your interviewer or are formally introduced to someone, shake their
hand and give your full name (only to the first person if there is a group).

In the interview room, politely ask which seat to take and
sit with good posture. Avoid nervous habits such as shaking your leg or
twiddling your thumbs, as you want to exude confidence.

Upon leaving the interview, make sure to thank everyone for
their time and say that you look forward to hearing from them.

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