Emergency Happiness

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“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.” – Dalai Lama

Over the next two months, Viking will be spreading the ultimate happiness by sending
out S.O.S joy boosters. The mission is #EmergencyHappiness, and has one
powerful aim… to cheer up a whole lot of folk that are in need of a smile.

our previous campaign celebrating World Happiness Day with our delightful
printer (which you can read about here), our team have fallen weak to the pleasure of
seeing others getting their grin on.

#EmergencyHappiness package guarantees to turn a “glass half empty” into a
cupboard stacked with “glass half fulls”, as the box reveals the little treats
to remind us of the tiny pleasures in life.

contents of the package have carefully selected gifts to bring happiness
all-round. Some of these will bring inner content, whilst others are perfect
for sharing, and some of which will just naturally make you smile.


don’t want to give much away right now so join us on Twitter by tweeting @Viking_Chat using #EmergencyHappiness and you could
get your hands on your own S.O.S package.

A few lucky recipients have had their Happiness Packages
delivered and have already shared some brilliant images, tweets and blog posts
about its contents and the boxes magical healing abilities…..


The Glasgow Girl:


Oh Chlo:



Lily Doughball: