Cleaning 101: How to keep your office kitchen clean

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The kitchen or pantry is an essential part of every office! This area often serves as the focal point of the workplace. This is where the informal conversations happen, where employees get their coffees, and is often the heart and soul of the office. It is thus imperative to keep it clean, tidy and stocked at all times. A clean and organised kitchen reflects in the work, and can highly boost employees’ morale. Read on for some office kitchen cleaning tips and suggestions on keeping it spotless.

We have compiled this guide based on the traffic in your business office. Read on for an office kitchen cleaning checklist. The strategies may differ depending on the number of people using the kitchen, but of course some tips are relevant for all areas- no matter the size or traffic.

Low-traffic kitchens

In case you have a small kitchen that caters to a small number of employees, propose using a chore chart! This is a fun way to have people take responsibility for tidying up after themselves. Create a chore chart, which gives employees certain tasks they are responsible for- like tidying up the refrigerator at the end of the week, or wiping down the microwave every two weeks. These initiatives work best when it’s a group effort. Everyone must be invested in maintaining cleanliness in the office, and this is a fun approach to ensure everybody has an assigned duty, and the work is divided amongst everyone.

Maintaining an office communal space is not just cleaning up, but also organising. Coffee cups, spoons, plates, towels, and dishwashing supplies should all have a specific spot because doing so can drastically decrease clutter on kitchen countertops. Kitchen utensils may get lost due to the number of individuals using the break rooms. Labelling kitchen cabinets and products may be a good way to ensure things don’t get misplaced.

Hanging fun posters or office kitchen cleaning memos serve as visual cues for employees to keep the sink clean or to avoid littering the pantry area. They also serve as reminders to keep the shared areas neat.

Medium-traffic kitchens

If you expect a higher traffic in your kitchen, it is fiscally efficient to invest in tools that make it easier to keep the area spotless. A dishwasher is an attractive option here, as people can just put in their dirty cups or mugs right after using them, leading to less clutter and messes. Dishwashing tabs make it easier to keep dishes sparkling fresh.

To make it simpler for staff members to access paper towels, it is also an option to invest in hand towel dispensers. This convenient access makes clean-up easier and keeps the area tidy. Not just that, dispensers are hygienic solutions to getting towels, as they reduce the chance of contamination.

High-traffic kitchens

As the number of employees using a kitchen or shared space increases, more measures need to be taken to keep those areas clean. However, it does not need to be a big headache. Hygiene is of the utmost importance, and there are simple ways to maintain cleanliness in office pantries. Regular weekly cleaning are essential, where one should wipe down high-touch areas like handles of appliances and tabletops to ensure they are properly disinfected.

Alongside dishwashers and hand towel dispensers, it may be wise to invest in a coffee machine. Paired with delicious coffee pods, they are simple enough to maintain and a great benefit for your employees!

There are some simple tasks all employees can keep in mind- regardless of the traffic of the office. For instance, it is a good idea for all staff to cover food and beverages before putting them in the microwave to prevent spillage and to keep the appliances neat. Cleaning up minor spills as soon as they happen prevents them from building up over time and becoming an insurmountable hassle.

No matter how much staff members take their cleanliness duties seriously, it is inevitable that there will be deeper accumulation of dirt and dust. After all, they are not experts. A professional office cleaning once in a while and annual pest treatment may both be wise decisions.