Tips for fun family visits

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The easing of COVID restrictions is allowing many people to reconnect with family members who they haven’t seen in months. Some may be visiting older relatives who haven’t had a lot of personal contact throughout the past year. Mother’s Day may be over and Father’s Day is some time off, but this is still a great time to surprise your relatives with a treat. Here are some tips to make your visit extra-special:

1. Make (or order) a delicious meal
The best gift is surely one that lets you relax together as a family. There’s nothing better than a long dinner for savouring good food and conversation with those you hold dearest.
With the cooking aficionados in your home, turn it into a group activity! Turn setting the table or decorating the room into a fun game with the kids! Some people can play sous-chef, slicing and mixing things as directed. Sometimes, the best conversations come during a task which you are all working on together.
No one has to be a chef, of course. In addition to normal delivery, some restaurants and meal kit services are offering prepared ingredients with heating or cooking instructions. Keep everyone together and savour each second with a home delivery! Catch up, reconvene and reconnect.

2. Family time
A long walk in the countryside is a great way to reconnect both with family and the world beyond our homes. Make the most of the May weather – longer days, blossoming flowers and a natural world preparing for summer.
If the weather doesn’t cooperate with outdoor activities on your visit, there are many options to enjoy time together inside. How about a board game or puzzle? If you’re looking for something a little more active, you could play charades or other interactive games. Inevitably, you’ll likely find yourselves leafing through the family photo albums together! You might hear a new story – or discover pictures which you haven’t seen before.

3. Bake a cake
A touch of sugar can brighten anyone’s day! Giving your relative a home-baked sweet doesn’t just make them happy, it’s also fun for you – especially if you have children. Not only is baking a fun activity to do with them, but they’ll also take pride in showcasing something that they made. They may even discover a hobby which excites them! For quick and easy bakes with the kids, cake mixes are a simple solution to a rainy Sunday afternoon. As you progress, more complex recipes can add a degree of challenge and teamwork!

4. Individual gifts
Bringing a gift for your host is always appreciated. Now, they might take on an extra weight as a way to show your relative you’ve been thinking of them. What about bringing them their favourite chocolate or sweets? Or self-care products which are perfect for self-care. Some great options are a nourishing body butter, pampering bath additive or a pretty scented candle. Flowers make the perfect house warming or ‘just because’ gift – one that can even be bought at the last minute. If you opt for a potted plant instead of a bouquet, you can be sure that the joy of the present will last longer.

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