Here’s how to celebrate the Euros in style!

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Across Europe, football fans are eagerly awaiting June 11th. On that day, UEFA Euro 2020 will finally kick off. The four-week road to the final is bursting with exciting games as Europe’s finest seek to challenge the current defending champion, Portugal. In this time of limited travel and attendance, this summer will feature people looking for new ways to make great football memories – in accordance with COVID safety regulations, of course. Here are five tips to help you celebrate the beautiful game.

1. A remote watch party keeps fans together and COVID away
Even as the number of COVID-19 cases is currently falling in many European countries, many football fans are unable to gather to watch in large groups. So, what about a remote party using one of the popular video chat tools? You can create a great atmosphere with a group of friends or family, all while maintaining social distancing. Let everyone celebrate without any restrictions or concerns.

2. Keep track of who is playing who and when
To truly get the most out of any tournament, it’s essential to have a game plan. A poster of the fixtures and tournament schedule on your wall ensures you can always see fixture times and plan accordingly. You can also use it to keep track of results.
If you feel like it, you can even set up a competitive Euros game with friends and family. You can find ideas for different options, such as betting or family-friendly options, online. True football experts can show off how well they know the teams – and double the fun is guaranteed for everyone!

3. Design and dress your football party for success
What stands unnoticed at some parties but is at the centre of a football one? The television. Make sure that your TV set is positioned so that anyone watching has a good view of it. If you have space, you can provide an even more thrilling live experience with a projector and a screen.
Decoration plays a supporting role in every successful party, one that should not be neglected. For the Euros, hang fan scarves or jerseys on the walls and get napkins and tablecloths with a football theme. For a real fan experience, you can encourage guests to paint their faces in support of their teams.

4. Get your drinks properly chilled
Warm beer is a major foul at a football party. Drinks like white wine, however, taste better when they’re cool but not cold. Remember to chill bottles in advance and put cool drinks in an ice bucket for the party itself. Also, don’t forget to buy enough soda, juice, wine and beer for all of your guests.

5. Delicious treats in national colours
Anyone watching a high-tension football thriller in front of the TV screen needs food to calm their nerves. In addition to perennial favourites nuts and crisps, these can also be fresh snacks in the colours of your favourite team or country. If you’re supporting Germany or Belgium, for example, you could offer skewers with black olives, tomatoes and cheese. If you support the Netherlands, you know that their style is all orange, all the time. You could offer carrots and paprika chips with an orange hummus.

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