5 New Year’s Resolutions that will Further your Career in 2019

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As the new year begins, the inevitable and predictable resolutions are being wheeled out once again. Hit the gym more, cut down on drinking and quit smoking are some of the most common pledges made at the start of each year, but have you ever considered making a career-focused new year’s resolution? This year could be the year that you achieve some of your biggest work goals, and the new year gives us all an opportunity to consider what you’d like to achieve in 2019 and set yourself a target to reach it.


1. “I Will Find a New Job”

Been in the same job for years? Promising yourself that you’ll make your escape soon, but it never quite happens? It can be all to easy to sit at your desk, telling yourself that you’re going to make a move without really doing anything about it. But 2019 is going to be the year. Set some time aside to work on your CV and make a promise to yourself that you’ll apply for a minimum number of jobs each week. Getting the ball rolling is the hardest part, but it could pay huge dividends for your career progression and work happiness.


2. “I’m Going to Progress in my Current Role”

If you’re not looking to leave your current employer, but you’re starting to feel the need for a change, focusing your attention on progressing at work is a great idea. Sit down with your boss in January and make it clear that you’re ready to progress, they might even start to delegate some new responsibilities to you. If not, be proactive and start showing some signs of leadership in the workplace to get yourself noticed.

3. “I’ll Start Working Towards my Dream job”

We’ve all got that dream job in mind that we’d just love to get into some day. Unfortunately, we can’t always walk into those roles as simply as we’d like. Instead of just blue-sky thinking, why not make it your goal this year to start making some moves and working towards it? Figure out what it is you need to do to get that job or into the industry you want; it could be a course, qualification or even work experience, just find out what you need to do. It’s never too late to start!


4. “I’m Going to Learn Some New Skills”

Maybe you’re perfectly happy in your current job, but you wouldn’t mind adding some variety to your days. Picking up some new skills that you can use in your job role could be the perfect resolution for 2019. Not only is it a great way to keep your mind active at work by learning new things, expanding your skill set is great way to get noticed and can really pay-off when those all-important reviews come around.


5. “It’s Time I was More Sociable at Work”

Being sociable and getting to know your colleagues can have a great impact on your well-being at work. Whether it’s networking with people you wouldn’t usually speak to, or just letting your hair down and getting to know your team a little better, involving yourself in social time with colleagues when you’re not sat in office chairs can do wonders for you. So, sign up for that bowling trip or cocktail making night and get sociable at work!

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