Three Tips for a Healthier Working Day

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More than two years ago, many of us transitioned to working from home. At the time, this required a lot of flexibility. But today, almost all of us are accustomed to the combination of working from home and from the office. Under the heading of hybrid working, we have become less dependent on one specific workplace. This provides a lot more freedom in your daily work.

No matter where you are — at a desk in your office or at the kitchen table in your own home — it is important to stay healthy while you work. And, sometimes, a few small changes in your day can make a big difference! For this reason, we’re sharing several crucial tips for an even healthier working day.

1. Drink Enough Water
Everyone knows that we should drink at least two litres of water to keep our internal water balance at a good (water) level. Yet, despite the repeated messaging, you can easily miss this target!

Therefore, use handy timers that give you a reminder to periodically drink water, for example in your phone or in your Outlook calendar. When you set an alarm after every hour, you are assured of a practical reminder. This means you are less likely to forget to drink water, and ensure a healthier working day!

Do you want to take an extra step to drink more water? Look for a water bottle that completely matches your personality – or decorate one to your heart’s content. In addition, it can help to install a water cooler or water tank in the (home) office as a ‘gentle reminder’ to drink water.

2. Keep Moving – Even During a Meeting
Exercise is good for you! That is why health professionals recommend at least half an hour of exercise a day. You can do this by taking a long walk during lunch. You can also choose to store weights at your workplace and occasionally do some strength exercises from behind your desk.

You might have a day fully planned with meetings. As a result, there might be no time left for some exercise. With some simple steps, you can keep moving, even while in a meeting. Use wireless earphones, call in during the meeting and then walk around the block. You will find that it brings your creativity and inspiration a lot of good!

3. Switch It Up and Get Up!
Sitting is the new smoking. Thanks to this philosophy, sit-stand desks have become extremely popular in recent years. This gives employees the opportunity to make their own choice between sitting or standing. They can easily switch between a standing desk or a standard desk.

By using a combined and adjustable desk, such as a sit-stand desk, you no longer have to do your work sitting down. This way you can stretch your legs during the working day, and you don’t have to worry about sitting on an office chair for too long.

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