Christmas Traditions around the World

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As the holiday season approaches, it’s a wonderful time to learn about the diverse and vibrant traditions celebrated worldwide. We believe that understanding the customs and practices from different cultures can bring joy, inculcate appreciation, and foster a sense of unity. In this blog, we take you on a journey to explore some unique Christmas holiday traditions around the world.

Germany – Christmas Markets

In Germany, you can do your Christmas shopping with a mug of mulled wine while exploring the festive outdoor markets! The beautiful and sprawling seasonal markets pop up all over the country, with artisans selling trinkets and homemade delicacies. The cosy vibes from the hot chocolate are enough to beat the chill!

Mexico – Nochebuena

In Mexico, as well as many other countries, families celebrate ‘Nochebuena’ on Christmas Eve. That includes a grand feast, singing, and dancing- and often a piñata for the children. It is a great time for family and friends to spend time together!

Australia – Christmas on the beach

In the land down under, Australians put a special twist on the Christmas tradition by celebrating on sunny beaches! People sometimes dress up as “surfing Santas” and take to the waves. Taking full advantage of celebrating Christmas in the summer months, people also have outdoor barbecues and picnics.

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Ukraine – The Legend of the Christmas Spider

Ukraine has a charming tradition called the Legend of the Christmas Spider. According to folklore, a poor family could not afford to decorate their tree, so spiders spun delicate webs on it overnight. In the morning sunshine, the webs turned to gold and silver. In honour of this, Ukrainian Christmas trees are often adorned with jewelled spiders and web ornaments for good luck.

Singapore – Light displays

Christmas is a rather grand affair in Singapore, featuring streets adorned with shimmering lights. The Orchard Road shopping district is particularly decked up in twinkling decorations that are some of the most impressive decorations in the world!

Iceland – Yule Lads

Did you know that Iceland celebrates 13 days before Christmas? Children get presents from 13 different Santa Clauses, or Yule Lads. Each of these lads has his own different qualities and they can all be a bit feisty. When good children place their shoes on the windowsill, the Yule Lads will leave them little gifts. If they haven’t behaved all year, rotten potatoes show up in their boots.

Greece – Decorating boats

In the seafaring country of Greece, decorating Christmas boats (‘karavaki’) alongside the traditional trees has been popular for centuries. When the ships would return safely to harbour, they would be welcomed home with a celebration and festively decorated boats. This maritime custom has now become inextricably linked to the holiday season.

Japan – Fried chicken for Christmas dinner

While Christmas isn’t a traditionally observed holiday in Japan, it’s increasingly becoming popular. A unique tradition involves enjoying a festive meal of fried chicken! Rather than cooking a big feast, they spend time with their loved ones over a hearty meal from KFC.

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