6 Office Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

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Tidy desk, tidy mind – there really is something behind the concept that being free from clutter is better for your wellbeing. In the workplace, this is more important than ever. A tidier desk isn’t just nicer to look at, but can actually help improve organisation, concentration and productivity in the workplace.

However, if you’re in a small office space, this is sometimes easier said than done. Just how do you keep things tidy and organised if you don’t have all the space you need?

This is where clever storage comes in. To help you out, we’ve put together our best small office space ideas and storage tips, so everyone can enjoy a tidy, organised workplace, no matter the size of your office.

Here are our top easy storage solutions for small office spaces.


Go Paperless Where Possible

One of the main things that creates clutter in an office is paper, so where you can, eliminate it. Refrain from using the ‘print’ button as much as possible; particularly if you have laptops you can take into meetings, there’s really no need for an excessive amount of paper floating around the office.

Rather than reaching for your notebook, take notes on your laptop. Using a shared drive system for company documents will also help minimise the amount of printing, and paper, in your office – plus, important documents will be much easier to find and there’s much less chance of losing anything important!

Of course, using paper is sometimes unavoidable. In these instances, make sure you regularly sort through all your paperwork, to ensure you’re not taking up valuable desk space with old or outdated documents and notes. Shred, dispose of or recycle your paperwork as often as possible to keep your workspace clutter-free.

Rid Your Workspace of Paper With Filing Cabinets

As much as we try to avoid it, in some jobs you’ll find yourself constantly dealing with excessive amounts of paperwork. Much of the clutter in and around offices is made up of paperwork strewn across desks, which not only makes the workplace feel stressful and look untidy but also means it is much harder to stay organised and on top of work.

A proper filing system is a must in any small office, especially if you’re regularly dealing with large amounts of paperwork. A filing cabinet won’t just rid your office of desktop clutter but will also make it much easier to keep your papers organised, meaning you can quickly find those important documents you need when you’re rushing off to your next meeting.


Keep Things Tidy With Under Desk Storage

If you don’t already have under desk storage in your office, you’re missing a huge trick. This kind of storage is absolutely ideal for a smaller office space – under desk drawers can slot under your desk easily, taking up no additional space and leaving your belongings tidily tucked away out of sight.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for easy storage solutions for small spaces, why not invest in a space-saving desk with storage already built-in? From desks with built-in drawers to full systems boasting built-in monitor shelves, utility cupboards and media storage, there are a vast array of options that are sure to suit your business needs.

Utilise Wall Space for Storage

If your workspace is anything like most offices out there, it’s likely you have plenty of wall space going unused. Wall storage solutions, such as shelving or bookcases, are ideal for offices, helping to store files, paperwork and office accessories neatly – and freeing up some of that valuable desk space!

For the ultimate in space-saving, explore slim, tall bookcases, which will make the most of your spare wall space without encroaching too much on the rest of the room. Or, to help a small office small feel more open and less cramped, opt for a contemporary open-backed bookcase.


Tidy Up Cables On Desks

It can be difficult to keep any office space tidy, and the task is made even worse if you’re trying to navigate a particularly small space. In an office, nothing says clutter and stress like a desk full of cables and wires.

Between your monitor, laptop, keyboard, mouse, phone and ethernet cables, there is an unavoidable abundance of cables needed for everyday work. A multitude of tangled cables is frustrating, looks awful, and, when trailing onto the floor, is actually a health and safety hazard.

Cable tidies are a great way to combat this issue and create a tidier, less stressful working space. Cable tidies are incredibly quick and easy to install and will keep all your cables free from damage while keeping desks looking cleaner and more organised – win-win!

Double Up On Accessories

If you’ve invested in filing cabinets, space-saving desks and bookcases and are still on the lookout for some alternative storage solutions for your small office, why not take a look at smaller, dual-use accessories?

Multipurpose accessories and furniture are a great way to save precious space in a small office. From versatile stacking storage boxes to clocks that double up as keyholders, keep your eye out for anything that has a dual purpose to help you cut down on storage space.


It can be frustrating trying to keep a small office space tidy and organised, but with a few clever alternative storage solutions, your office will be completely banished of clutter. Give them a try, and watch productivity and organisation in your workplace soar.