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What to pack for university

What to pack for university


When it comes to packing clothing, don’t just throw your
whole wardrobe in your suitcase. You’re unlikely to have a lot of space in
student halls or flats, so just take what you need until next time you’re home.
For the first semester, that means your autumn/winter gear.


You will most likely need a single duvet and two pillows, as
well as two sets of bedding.


You can’t take desktops to the library, and tablets are a pain to type essays on, so a laptop is the best option for uni. MacBooks are likely best for creative courses such as design, whereas PCs loaded with Microsoft Office will suit more academic degrees like accounting.


University computers get pretty busy around essay deadlines, so it can be difficult to print out your work. With a printer at home, you don’t have to worry about missing deadlines because of last-minute library queues.

USB sticks

Handy for moving files between Uni computers and your laptop, as well as backing up files, high-capacity USB
are a good investment.


Kit yourself out with affordable stationery so you’re ready
to take notes and organise seminar work. Here’s a basic shopping list:

Diary & wall planner

So you’re not stuck in the event of a dead phone battery, keep details about lectures and so on in a diary. And, hang a wall planner in your room, so you can keep an eye on impending exam dates.

Alarm clock

Another item that comes in handy when your phone battery is flat is an alarm clock, to help ensure you don’t miss any early-morning lectures.

First aid kit

Take along a first aid kit – the NHS has a handy contents checklist here
– as well as painkillers and other pharmacy basics. Don’t forget your
prescriptions, either.

Are you taking
anything unusual to Uni? Perhaps it’s a pet or a 50-strong shoe collection! We would love to hear your stories, so leave a comment below!


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