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VikingArtyParty – Bloggers Get Crafty in Manchester

VikingArtyParty – Bloggers Get Crafty in Manchester


Getting creative is what we do at Viking. Not only are we dedicated to bringing you everything you might need to work productively and easily, we also have a passion for the more creative, inspiring products out there. Stationery in particular gets us excited – the possibilities a blank sheet of paper and a pencil represents is one of the reasons we exist!

Spring is always a time that gets us feeling particularly inspired, so we thought we’d share our love for creative crafts with 28 brilliant bloggers in a wonderful afternoon filled with three exciting workshops.

So it was that, on a sunny Saturday in April, we took to the delightful King Street Townhouse – a beautiful hotel and venue in the heart of Manchester with splendid views of Manchester Town Hall – to learn some new skills, meet and make friends, and create wonderful artistic delights.200-300-1
After a short meet and greet and light refreshments, our guests took to one of three tables based on the coloured card they were allocated on arrival.200-300-1200-300-1
Each table was dedicated to three exciting workshops, led by our fantastic teachers for the day – Joyce from Artsynibs, and Chloe and Stacey from The Crafty Hen. Table one held block printing, table two calligraphy, and table three was book covering and embellishment.200-300-1
In the block printing workshop, our guests were each given a magazine file, onto which they could print a design in acrylic paint. Using special lino cutters, each blogger cut a simple design into an ordinary rubber, and then stamped their creation strategically onto their file. We saw so many designs that it was hard to pick a favourite!200-300-1200-300-1
Before moving on to the second workshop, it was time to take a quick break and have a snack and a chat. Feasting on fabulous pastries, veggie treats and an assortment of tasty dips, our guests recharged themselves for the creativity ahead.
On the second table, we had a modern calligraphy workshop complete with individual calligraphy sets. Joyce gave a brief overview of calligraphy as a practice and the most important elements needed to get cracking with some beautiful pen work. Despite some pretty inky fingers, our groups really got to grips with their fountain pens. Bravo!
Our third table was dedicated to embellishing and covering notebooks – something we love here at Viking. Taking something ordinary and adding your own personal flair is not only incredibly fun, it makes that object unique. Armed with reams of brightly coloured and patterned papers, all sorts of fantastic washi tapes and other exciting materials, our blogger guests set to work creating their very own designs. From copper leaf to cut out shapes, the finished pieces looked simply stunning.

After a little more socialising, another cup of tea and a few photos of friends and finished pieces, it was time to say goodbye.

We had a truly wonderful time, so thanks to all who came! We can’t wait for our next #VikingArtyParty – stay tuned for details!


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