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Top Tips for Keeping Energy up at Work

Top Tips for Keeping Energy up at Work

Lacking energy at work can be a serious problem which
affects your productivity and concentration. The post-lunch lull or drooping
eyes after a late night are familiar to most office workers. There are,
however, a number of small but significant changes you can easily make that can
reap big rewards for your energy levels. Explore below for handy hints on how
to overcome your office fatigue.

Start your morning right

Too often workers skip breakfast, in favour of an extra few
minutes in bed before their commute to the office. Skipping the most important
meal of the day, or regularly indulging in sweet options, rather than healthy
alternatives, can leave you feeling drained.

Make sure to stock up on grains, fruits and dairy to start your
morning on the right note. A bowl of porridge, with mixed nuts, fruit or yoghurt
can be a fantastic energising start to your day, and it will keep you going
till lunchtime. Eating breakfast replenishes your glucose levels and other essential
nutrients which drop overnight, so it is important for feeling awake and on


Reach for the herbal tea

Going for the caffeine kick from your regular cup of tea or
coffee is a reflex when you are tired, but this can leave you feeling even more
exhausted than you were before.

Instead of risking the caffeine crash, reach for a green or
herbal tea such as Siberian Ginseng. These alternatives give you a long-lasting
surge of energy, which will keep you going throughout the day. Herbal teas can also
help improve your immune system and digestion, whilst fighting anxiety, so they
are a great go-to for your workplace drink.


Organise your day

Often, a busy schedule and heavy workload can leave people
feeling more tired than they really are. A packed day can seem overwhelming
when you get to your desk in the morning, already draining away your energy. To
break through this fatigue, spend a few minutes at the start of your workday
writing a to-do
and ordering tasks by importance and length of time they take to complete.

Writing down everything you have to do can make it less
intimidating and help you to think about how you will achieve your objectives
for the day.


Get moving

Having a stretch or a short walk around the office every so
often can help stimulate concentration and heighten energy levels. Even small
bursts of movement increase blood flow, leading to hyperoxygenation in the
brain, breaking through sluggish feelings which are often the result of
remaining in one place for too long.


Rest your eyes

If you work at a screen, make sure you take regular breaks
from typing and reading to allow your eyes a rest. Screen fatigue can leave you
feeling sluggish and heavy-lidded. Opticians
recommend that you take a 20-second
micro-break every 20 minutes. Use this short burst of time to close your eyes,
look away from the glare of your computer and give your eyes a chance to
recover. Doing so will not only help with energy levels, but help prevent
headaches, eye irritation and neck pain.



Whenever the sun is out, take advantage! If you’re allowed,
take a short break for a few minutes. Step outside and wander round your office
building, enjoying the sunshine.

Being out in the sun can reap a range of benefits for you
and your energy levels. Sunlight boosts natural serotonin production, leaving
you feeling happier. A short jaunt in the sun will also reduce your levels of
melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep. Lower melatonin levels make you feel
more alert.

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