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Tomorrow’s Leaders: Em Sheldon and Em Talks

Tomorrow’s Leaders: Em Sheldon and Em Talks

Our last instalment of Tomorrow’s Leaders featured Sarah Louise Smith and her
inspiring social media start-up, and this month we’re speaking to Em Sheldon, an
award-winning blogger and entrepreneur about her blog Em
. We asked her about her blogging journey, how she paved her
way in the industry working with some of the top names in fashion, fitness and
beauty along the way.

What’s your blogging journey, in a nutshell? Why did you start a blog?

For a few
reasons really. A family friend passed away and he always wanted to be a journalist/writer
so I looked into what courses he studied at University and kind of wanted to continue
his dream, further to this, I called my university and asked what I needed to
do to get onto the course and they told me to start a blog. Soon after, I realised
it was my passion and I never stopped!

What has been your proudest blogging moment, so far?

goodness, so hard! A few highlights: seeing my face on the billboard in
Piccadilly Circus for a campaign I shot with Clinique. Getting to shoot a
L’Oreal Professional hair campaign and winning InStyle magazine top lifestyle
and travel blogger award.

Give us a snapshot of your average day

Wake up and check my social media in bed like it’s the
morning news, do any emails in bed, grab a snack, head to a spin class, home,
shower, more emails, lunch, photography/content creation, put it all together
and then watch something lovely like First Dates!

Tea or coffee?

Always green tea.

Who is your blogging/business role model?

I love Natasha Oakley, she’s absolutely killed the game when
it comes to setting new trends, running her business, supporting women and just
generally dominating the world. I also love Karlie Kloss because she does so
much for women. 


What’s the best thing your blog has allowed you to do?

Treat my family to special moments such as trips away,
seeing Beyoncé (something my Mum and I could only ever dream of). It really is
about family moments for me.

Which Industry habit can you not stand?

Being asked by brands to do hours of work because I *might*
win a competition at the end… such a bad outreach tactic.

What’s your top tip for a productive day?

Lock your phone away, far away and only check it as a treat.

What advice would you give to an aspiring blogger?

You are your own niche, there really is room for us all. Find
your own voice and tone, be yourself and your own audience will come, be
consistent because things don’t happen overnight.

How do you switch off?

I go to my spin classes, it’s the one hour when I really am
just letting my mind go wild and just not touching my phone. Those endorphins!
I go to David Lloyd and adore their classes. I leave feeling like a new woman.

What will the future bring for Em Talks?

Goodness, no idea! I hope some really exciting things. I’m
really working on my YouTube so hoping maybe 2018 will be the year of YouTube
for me!

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