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The 5 coolest offices in the world

The 5 coolest offices in the world

Innocent Drinks, Fruit Towers, London, UK

The fun, light-hearted attitude of Innocent Drinks isn’t
just a facade on smoothie bottles. The company’s London office, affectionately
named Fruit Towers, perfectly encapsulates the whimsy we associate with the

Healthiness, creativity and a sense of community are all
promoted with faux-grass flooring, picnic benches in the lunch room and an
endless supply of smoothies. Staff can unwind with a book from the library, a table
tennis game, the LEGO wall or even a spot of Twister in the lift.


Google, Googleplex, Mountain View, California, USA

Google is famous for offering its staff incredible perks, and that’s apparent when you look at any of their offices. However, the California campus known as Googleplex is global HQ, and that’s where you’ll find some of the coolest features.

As the site is so big, staff use the onsite bikes and electric scooters to make their way around. There are seven fitness centres, and a bowling alley. Oh, and there’s a life-size T-rex skeleton. We bet you’d love to be their latest Noogler (new Googler).


Inventionland, Pittsburgh, USA

Inventionland describes its ‘office’ as an inventionfactory. It’s a place where people go to innovate and create, so it makes sense to have stimulating surroundings. The result? A workspace that looks like it stepped straight out of Walt Disney’s imagination.

There are 16 themed areas, ranging from Pirate Ship Discovery to Inventalot Castle, designed to inspire different types of products. While people are cooking up ideas for baking accessories in the Concept Kitchen, baby products are being developed in Nursery Nook.


Bahnhof, Pionen White Mountains, Stockholm, Sweden

Swedish internet service provider Bahnhof currently resides 30 metres underground in Stockholm, in its White Mountain office. Originally a nuclear bunker, the space was turned into a Bond-villain-esque setting by Albert France-Lanord Architects>

There’s stimulated daylight to combat the lack of windows, a suspended conference room and artificial waterfalls. Bahnhof’s Jon Karlung told Pingdom that the design was influenced by old science-fiction movies such as Logan’s Run and the Empire Strikes Back.


Missing Link, Johannesburg, South Africa

A company that specialises in presentations, Missing Link has an eye for aesthetics. The boss’s office is a tree house, there’s a free tattoo parlour called Missing Ink, and you can zip down a fireman’s pole or slide to get downstairs.

Staff consider themselves boredom slayers, and head to the office shooting range to obliterate cliches. Read an interview with founder Richard Mulholland and check out some pictures over at TechCentral.

What’s the coolest thing about your office? Whether it’s free mints on the reception desk or beanbags in the meeting rooms, let us know in the comments below!

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