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Tablet Vs Laptops

Tablet Vs Laptops


Tablets vs Laptops

from Mintel shows
that over half of British consumers have a tablet computer in their homes. But
should you ditch your laptop just yet? We weigh up the pros and cons of each
gadget below…


Pro: Power, power, power

important to remember that laptops have been around for a lot longer than
tablets. As such, the gadget has been developed and refined over time.

many laptops boast fast processors, improved hardware and a greater overall
performance than their predecessors.

Just like
a tablet, you can browse the web or stream a video on a laptop. However, a
laptop performs where the tablet fails. With a more powerful processor and
comprehensive software, laptops often perform better than a tablet when it
comes to complex tasks, like data analysis and presentation creation.

Pro: Plenty of
ports and drives

In order
to maintain their sleek, compact design, tablets often omit USB, Ethernet, and
HDMI ports. This can cause issues for users, who may have to find alternative
storage or connectivity methods.

however, offer a range of ports, so users can simply plug in and go. Unlike
tablets, laptops usually include a disc drive too. This provides users with a
simple way of updating their music library or watching a DVD.

course, tablet users can work around the lack of ports through downloading
digital music, using a movie streaming service and choosing cloud storage over
external solutions.

Con: More expensive

As the
saying goes, you get what you pay for. With so many more features and additional
functionality, it goes without saying that laptops are generally more expensive
than tablets.

purchasing a laptop or tablet, it’s important to consider how you will use the
gadget. If you intend on carrying out demanding tasks, it’s worth spending a
little more on a laptop that can keep up with what you need.


Pro: Better battery life

laptops may offer increased functionality, this can come at a price. The
typical laptop offers around six hours battery life, although there are higher
performing options available.

on the other hand, offer an average battery life of approximately 8.5 hours.
This is a result of their streamline operating systems. As a result, tablets
can be better choice for prolonged web browsing on the move.

Pro: More portable

The great
thing about tablets is that they are extremely portable. Their compact design
makes them much easier to carry and use on the move than a laptop.

tablets do not require their own carry case. Rather, they can easily be stored
in a handbag or backpack.

Con: Compressed

laptops, tablets don’t have software as such. Instead, users can download
various applications to improve their device’s functionality.

there are millions of apps to choose from, these can be simpler versions of
their software alternatives. This can result in some functions being excluded,
which can decrease both practicality and user enjoyment.

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