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recycling posters

recycling posters

Accidentally printed out
too many sheets? Wasted some paper, or simply need a do-over? Don’t throw that
paper away just yet – recycle it!

Around two thirds of
all office printing is wasted, and we think it’s time to put all that paper to
good use. We’ve created
posters especially for those drafts, spare copies and flat-out useless
documents you have lying around your desk or left in the printer tray.

We’ve put together some great posters for you to download and help encourage
recycling today!

Simply take the
used pages and load them back into the printer. Then select which of our
posters you’d like to print out over it and before you know it, you’re turning
a piece of waste paper into a helpful reminder to recycle in your office.


We recommend
you use the red designs for printing on top of simple text documents, and the
black designs if you’re recycling anything with large, colourful images.

Don’t forget there
are also lots of small, but beneficial, ways you can set up your office to be
as eco-friendly as possible, like:

  • Considering
    what pages you really need to print. Can you instead take a screenshot of your
    work, or email a document to a colleague?
  • Setting
    your printer to default print on both sides of the paper, thus instantly
    cutting the paper you use in half.
  • Reducing
    the margins in your printer menu to get as much of the document onto each page
    as possible.
  • Printing
    documents that are needed as examples in greyscale, rather than colour, helping
    to save on expensive ink.
  • Printing
    files you’re still working on in draft mode, helping to cut down on the amount
    of ink used.
  • Keeping
    a letter tray spare for any other forms of paper you use throughout the day so
    you can easily recycle them at the end.
  • Keeping
    mailing lists up to date to ensure that no letters are printed for colleagues who
    are no longer part of your company.

The average
office worker prints out 25 sheets of paper a day, equating to more than 6,000
sheets over the course of a year. A single piece of paper doesn’t seem like
much but if you can recycle just 10% of what you print in a year, you’ll save a
whole ream of paper. If everyone in your office saves a ream too, you’re well
on your way to recycling 1 ton of paper, which will save:

  • 17
  • 380
    gallons of oil 
  • 3
    cubic yards of landfill space
  • 4,000
    kW of energy
  • And
    7,000 gallons of water

And that’s if
you only recycle one page of every ten you print out!

Making just a
few changes can have a big effect on your office eco-footprint. Cutting down on
the amount you print is easy, and recycling a small amount of paper each time
you print can have massive benefits to the environment. If you find a piece of
paper left unused around your office, be sure to print off one of our signs to
remind people that recycling is always an option.

Paper isn’t the
only thing you can recycle. For information on how to recycle ink and toner cartridges, visit our ink and toner information hub.

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