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Printer is coming – blag your way like a GoT diehard

Printer is coming – blag your way like a GoT diehard

If you’re wondering why office chit-chat has turned from
friendly banter to plots of deception, thievery and betrayal, it’s because Game
of Thrones has once again returned to our living rooms for its fifth season.
For the next ten weeks, Tuesday morning is a battleground for two sides of the
office: those who are caught up, and those who aren’t.

If you aren’t following the show, but don’t want to be left
out of all those heated discussions, don’t worry! We’ve got your covered with
our very own blagger cards to get your through each episode and help you
remember all of the key players and what they’re up to. There’s a lot to keep
track of, so we’ll help you know Tyrion from Tywin, Sansa from Stannis and
those fighting for the throne from those just fighting for their lives.

Spoiler Warning

One thing you can’t do is ruin what’s just happened for
someone watching the show. Not everyone watches each episode the first night it
airs, and our cards contain important plot information so handle this knowledge
with great care when around your office’s water cooler or in the canteen.

For those who are just catching up to the show, steer clear
of our cards, but make use of our handy spoiler
so that everyone knows your progress and you can stay spoiler free.


A lot happens in just one hour, so we’ll give you the key
questions people will be asking from each episode. If things go off-book, say
you don’t know how things are going to go and steer it back to the questions
you have on our cards.

There may be others in your office that need help keeping
pace with their own blagger cards, so be sure to keep the printer
and toner
in top condition and together you can get through the Tuesday
morning gossip.

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