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Office spring cleaning tips

Office spring cleaning tips


Office spring cleaning tips

Are you
tired of losing important items on your desk? Is your messiness making you a
laughing stock of the office? If you answered yes, it’s time to change! Take a
look at our top tips below and start your office spring clean today.

Clear out the

things first, clear out the clutter. If you’ve slowly accumulated a mass of
paper, knick-knacks and rubbish, it’s time to bite the bullet and sort out your

should only keep items on your desk that you use regularly. This is normally a
pen, notepad, keyboard, mouse and telephone, although this will vary depending
on your role. Non-essential items should be neatly stored away from your desks
in cupboards or drawers.

Sort your
clutter into four piles: things to keep, recycle, shred and bin. Doing this
will ensure order helping to ensure no files go missing.

possible, you should always endeavor to recycle. Remember, anything with
personal information on should be shredded before it is disposed of.

Clean up your act

you’ve gotten rid of the junk, you can finally start to clean. We recommend
using an all-purpose antibacterial cleaner
to cleanse your desk of any dirt and bacteria.

reported by the BBC, Which? research has shown that a typical
keyboard can be dirtier than a toilet seat. As a result, keeping your keyboard
clean is really important to prevent the spread of colds and other illnesses.
To clean a keyboard, you should:

1) Turn
your keyboard over and thoroughly shake to remove crumbs.
2) If dust and other particles are still stuck between keys, gently rub with a
toothbrush to dislodge.
3) Use a cotton bud and gentle antibacterial cleaning fluid to clean keys with
stubborn grime and dirt.

Make sure
you clean your computer mouse and PC monitors too.

Keeping it clean
and clear

undo all of your hard work in just a few weeks (or days if you’re really
messy!). It’s easy to stay on top of your cleaning.

If you
have many documents landing on your desk on a daily basis, we recommend
introducing a sorting system. Place three magazine files near your
desk and clearly label one ‘To Do’; one ‘In Progress’ and one ‘To File’. Use
this system to sort the papers you do receive accordingly and maintain a
clutter-free desk.

To prevent
dirt and bacteria building up, clean your work surface regularly – at least
once a week. If possible, try to avoid eating while at your desk to prevent a
build-up of crumbs in your keyboard.

Once your
desk is neat, you can truly feel the effects of the ‘tidy desk, tidy mind’

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