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Office Heroes and Villains

Office Heroes and Villains

Every office has them – those unsung heroes doing the little things that make working easier. They’re the first port of call when the computers go down, are always there to lend a helping hand, and are ready with the tea round so you can enjoy an afternoon cuppa. Well, we think it’s time to start singing these people’s praises!

We asked office workers to tell us which qualities they value most in their colleagues. Here’s what came out on top!

Has a positive attitude and is always encouraging: 79.5%

Pitches in to help when others are struggling: 75.2%

Shows people the ropes/helps out newly hired people: 55.1%

Helping out with technical and computer difficulties: 45.1%

Sticks up for other people at work: 42.2%

A joker who makes people laugh and lightens the mood: 32.8%

Always cleans up/keeps communal areas tidy: 32.6%

Bakes/brings in food for colleagues to enjoy: 16.7%

Frequently makes tea/coffee for others: 15.6%

Keeps other people informed on news: 15.6%

Are a shoulder to cry on/a confidant: 14.7%

Organises social events for the office: 12.5%

Regularly gives people lifts to and from work: 3.1%

Lends money/spare change when needed: 2.5%

Staying positive and always being encouraging topped our list, as every team can use a ray of sunshine when they’re trying to get over the mid-week hump. Helping out struggling colleagues and showing new people the ropes also ranked highly, meaning coaching and mentorship skills are anĀ essential part of any workplace team.

With IT serving as the backbone of any modern workplace, those technical whizzes who hover around your desk and fix just about everything were strongly represented in our poll.

Coupled with our annoying office habits research, we’ve got a pretty good idea what you should (and shouldn’t) do to keep spirits high in your office. Bringing in food for colleagues to enjoy is certainly well appreciated, but stinking up the kitchen with smelly food won’t put you in people’s good graces.

To highlight those good Samaritans and ne’er-do-wells that make up the workplace, we got in touch with Julia Bereciartu, a Spanish illustrator who brought some of our favourite roles to life with fairy-tale flair. Without further ado, here are our top office heroes and villains!

Office Heroes


Office Villains


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