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Office Hacks To Keep You Organised

Office Hacks To Keep You Organised


It can be easy for your desk to
get out of hand, but did you know the same things clogging up space can also be
used to make your life easier? Simple pieces of stationery and everyday objects
can help you keep things in order, clean and tidy. Let’s get creative with
these office hacks designed to make your life easier:

Start with those confusing power cables by grabbing a
post-it note and cutting it into strips. Now you’ve got some handy labels so
you don’t have to waste time following the wires to know what goes where and
you can safely switch out appliances without the fear of pulling the plug on
your colleague’s work.

Of course, when it comes time to use them, things get even
more fiddly! Save yourself some time by attaching binder clips to the end of
your desk, and looping the end of your cables through them. Now they’re ready
to work whenever you need them. And if you have to keep cables in your drawer,
you can also fold them inside cardboard tubes to keep them organised.

Earphones can be a particular
bother, always finding a way to tangle up even when not in use. To stop this,
simply grab a binder clip and loop the cable through in a figure of 8. It’ll
keep your earphones in a handy bundle that you can easily store away without it
getting mixed in with the rest of your tech.

Our keyboards are some of the dirtiest places in the office,
thanks to clean up being bothersome. Unfold a paperclip and wrap sellotape around
the end of it. Now you’ve got a handy device to (carefully!) clean those tricky
cracks between the keys. If you’re using a Mac, or have a particularly thin
keyboard, you can use the top of a sticky note.

Don’t throw away those cereal boxes after your morning
kick-start. Instead, use them a handy (cereal) box files! Label them in order
of urgency and then work through from left to right. It’s certainly less
intimidating than a giant inbox when you get back into work!


If you’re looking for some extra quick hacks around the
office, you can also try:

Popping your phone into an empty glass turns it into an instant
speaker, just make sure what you play will satisfy the whole office.

Use mugs from the kitchen in your office microwave to create
levels, meaning you can fit more in and cut down on all-important lunchtime
minutes spent waiting for someone else to be done.


Keep your snacks fresh by sealing with the bag with a pen,
just try to make sure you keep working once you need the pen again…

And there you have it! Your desk
is now cleaner and clutter free, all thanks to the stationery you use every
day. What items do you use in unconventional ways? What tricks do you have to
get through office life?

Let us know by tweeting your tips


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