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National Stationery Week is coming!

National Stationery Week is coming!

It’s that time of year again! National Stationery Week is
finally upon us and this year, the event is celebrating the written word.

Running from 27th April – 3rd May
2015, the event is encouraging all stationery lovers to pick up their pens and
send letters and cards instead of emails. To help you celebrate, we’ve put
together a comprehensive rundown of everything you’ll need.


With so many letters to write, envelopes to address and
cards to sign, you’re going to need a pretty sturdy pen or two!

For young writers who are just starting school, we recommend
steering clear of pens and opting for pencils instead. Coloured
are a great option, as kids can create designs as they write.

Fine liners
are perfect for older writers, although fountain
may be better for more traditional scribes.

Pencil case

You’re going to need a place to store all those pens! A
pencil case will keep everything you require for your writing in one place, preventing
any of your trusty pens from going missing.

From cool character designs to sleek block colour options,
choose a case that reflects your personality.

Writing paper

Writing paper is another essential supply. Lined paper will
ensure your writing doesn’t slope down the page.

Looking for something more decorative? Choose coloured
instead: simply use a ruler to draw feint lines across the page to
keep your writing in check.

Card-making supplies

As part of the events, you could just send your loved ones a
shop-bought card – but where would the fun be in that!?

Making your own cards can be incredibly rewarding and a
great activity to get the little ones involved in. We have a broad selection of
craft supplies to choose from – check out our range here.

Struggling for inspiration? Making
Handmade Cards
has some top ideas. You can conveniently search by
difficulty level too.

Letter opener

If your friends and family are taking part in National
Stationery Week, you’ll probably receive a lot of mail throughout the course of
the event.

You can make opening your letters easier by investing in a letter
. Creating a neat opening, it’s ideal for preserving a pretty
envelope and avoiding paper cuts.

How will you be
getting involved with National Stationery Week this year?


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