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How We Planned Our Huge Paper Fight

How We Planned Our Huge Paper Fight

Every so often we end up with waste printer paper. We normally send it off to be recycled. However, we decided that we wanted to re-use it, so we had a giant paper fight in the office, instead.

The paper fight was organised by several members of staff as a team building event. The organisers got together in their spare time to produce over 2000 paper balls which were then shared with the employees who were lucky enough to be at work.

Orders were then passed around the departments in the office – with each being given a different role. At the end of the morning, just before lunch, each group gathered in the same location ready to declare office war. You can watch the carnage unfold below.

Deciding to Have a Huge Paper Fight

After the success of our Giant Office Castle, we wanted to carry on organising great team building exercises. One of our employees suggested that we challenge everyone in the company to create something out of the paper we dispose of, instead of simply recycling it. Straight away we knew this was a great idea, so we pitched it to the team. Within an hour, several employees had suggested a paper fight. We knew we had to do it.

Producing the Paper Balls

With so many employees wanting to get in on the fun, we needed to make sure we had enough balls for everyone. We figured this should be about 2,000 balls. To gather this many balls, we had to start separating all of the pieces of paper that were clean enough to be salvaged and reused, without letting anyone know what was being planned. To do this, several team members stayed late and went through the recycling bins.

Once we had the pieces of paper we then needed to fold them. This took a team of two around four hours.

Planning the Fight

With our ammunition ready, we let the team leaders know what was being planned. Careful consideration was taken to make sure that everyone had their own plan of attack. This involved each department having a different starting location, as well as different guidelines on when to join the fight. On top of that, we picked one member of staff to be the first person to throw a paper ball, effectively starting the war. Beyond that, the ensuing chaos was down to the team.

Filming the Fight

We decided to film the paper fight so we could let our employees share their fun with family and friends. We believe Viking is a great place to work, with an amazing team, so documenting this seemed a no-brainer.

How to Plan Your Own Paper Fight

If you want to plan your own paper fight, there are a few things you must consider. Firstly, make sure you use recycled printer paper. Collecting misprints is the best way to do this. Secondly, wear gloves when making your paper balls. The first 100 or so may not seem like too much of a problem, but you’ll soon be getting regular paper cuts if you’re not careful. Lastly, be prepared for a lot of cleaning up.

If you get up to any exciting fun and games in the office, let us know on Twitter at @viking_chat.


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