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How to create a reception area in your office

How to create a reception area in your office


If your office frequently has guests, a reception area is a valuable addition. It will allow you to create a good first impression and maintain high levels of professionalism throughout any visit. See our guide for tips on creating an efficient and effective reception area below.

Reception layout

It is important that your reception is at the entrance to your building, as this will ensure all visitors have to funnel through the area. Give the receptionist a clear view of the door, so they can immediately assist any visitors, and keep the waiting area nearby so that both parties can communicate easily.

Section off the reception from the rest of the office so staff can prepare to greet their visitors.

Reception equipment

Your receptionist should be the main point of contact for business calls, answering general queries or redirecting callers to the relevant colleague. An office phone system with multiple extensions is the most efficient solution. Look out for features such as caller ID, which will help receptionists answer calls more professionally, and a built-in answer machine.

Of course, a computer is also a necessity. Your business might benefit from a printer, scanner, fax machine and shredder in this area too.

Reception furniture

Reception desks are usually higher than traditional computer desks, so that walk-in visitors are at eye level, and have covered backs that conceal cables for a neater look. They are also larger and more stylish, to ensure they make an impact on visitors.

Make sure your receptionist has an ergonomic chair, and provide a filing cabinet so they can securely keep paperwork close at hand.

In waiting areas, sofas and cushioned chairs are great for welcoming guests. Team with coffee tables piled with industry literature, and provide a coat stand and clock. Make the area more accommodating with artificial plants, artwork and other decorations.

Security and safety

Keeping track of who enters and exits the office is a great way to improve safety and security. Have a visitor book on reception and, where possible, give your receptionist control of a door entry system.

Do you have any other tips for creating an efficient reception area? Share your advice in the comments below.


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