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How businesses can cut the cost of postage

How businesses can cut the cost of postage


Posting products, marketing materials and other
communications can be expensive, but there are ways to slash your business’s
mail-room budget without making compromises. Check out our guide to cutting the
cost of postage below.

How franking can save your business money

Companies that send lots of parcels and letters can make
considerable savings with a franking machine. These allow you to print Royal
Mail postage in-house using a pre-paid credit account, at the discounted prices
listed below

Franking machines should be bought or rented from a Royal Mail-approved company. Prices typically range from £1,000-£25,000 outright or £15-£500 per month, dependent on the daily volume of mail being dealt with.

To calculate whether the investment will be cost-effective, you also need to consider the price of franking labels and ink. Take into account the time savings gained by organising mail in-house rather than at the Post Office, too.

Cutting costs with bulk purchases

Buying in bulk can save your business time and money, and reduce the risk of supplies running out. Here at Viking, we stock low-priced bulk packs of envelopes, parcel boxes and other packaging materials.

Large packs of stamps are not discounted, but purchasing bulk volumes ahead of a Royal Mail price increase will allow you to take advantage of the lower price for longer.

Economical packaging saves you money

Shipping costs depend on the size and weight of your letter or parcel, so the way you package your mail is crucial. Wherever possible, use lightweight mailing bags rather than cardboard boxes, and fold letters into C5 or smaller envelopes.

Also make sure to clearly communicate all necessary information to couriers. Illegible addresses can mean your letter is returned, while failing to mark a parcel as fragile might mean the contents are damaged. Always check prohibited and restricted goods so your post is not seized by the courier, and be especially careful when shipping overseas.

Automating mail-room tasks

If your staff are wasting valuable time on tedious tasks, it may be worth optimising or even automating these processes. Letter-folding machines, parcel-tape dispensers and other equipment can free up your employees to use their working hours more effectively.

How does your business keep postage costs low? Share your tips in the comments below.


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