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Halloween craft projects

Halloween craft projects

Are you and the kids gearing up to trick and treat this October 31st? Check out our Halloween craft projects and your family can have fun making everything from spooky decorations to creepy costumes without spending a fortune…

Pumpkin carving

Kids might not be able to do the carving themselves, but they can still have fun scooping out pumpkin guts and choosing a design.

Let them draw a face or other image directly onto the pumpkin with a whiteboard marker or felt tip, making sure there aren’t any fiddly details. Alternatively, find a pattern online – Martha Stewart has plenty of free printables – and ‘trace’ the design onto the pumpkin using drawing pins before carving.

Trick-or-treat bags

Youngsters going trick-or-treating will need a bag for all their sweet loot. A simple idea is letting the kids decorate a white pillowcase with spooky images. Simply kit them out with a permanent marker and lay a thick piece of cardboard in-between the fabric to prevent ink seeping through.

Paper bags are another great option; you’ll just need some sticky tape, postal wrapping paper, and string. Follow the instructions here, and kit the kids out with pens, paint and other craft supplies so they can personalise their Halloween bag.

Quick Halloween decorations

Cut-out spider webs, made similarly to paper snowflakes, are cheap and easy Halloween decorations. How About Orange has the instructions.

To make ghosts, add faces to white bin bags with a permanent marker, shape the bottom with scissors, and pull a knotted piece of string through the top for hanging.

With coloured paper, scissors, sticky tape and string, you can make bunting featuring witches’ hats, spiders, ghosts, bats, pumpkins and whatever else their imagination conjures.

DIY costume ideas

You don’t have to resort to the sheet-over-the-head ghost as a DIY costume-there are plenty of other easy options! For example, little trick-or-treaters will love a skeleton costume. Simply cut out fabric or paper bones and attach to a black long-sleeved top and trousers with safety pins.

An old black umbrella cut in half makes excellent bat wings, bandages are great for mummies, black bin bags can be transformed into vampire capes, and face paint can be used for almost anything. You don’t need to spend a fortune at the fancy-dress shop.

How will your family be celebrating Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!

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