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Getting creative with eggs this Easter

Getting creative with eggs this Easter


Eye-catching egg shell designs

Everyone loves an egg decorating competition. Many kids
adorn their hard boiled eggs with fluffy ears and hand-drawn faces, but why not
go one step further and use silk to transfer a print onto their eggs?

The process is simple:

1.Cut five-inch squares out of patterned silk. You
can choose whether you’d like every egg to have the same pattern or if you’d
rather mix it up with a selection of styles.

2.Dampen the fabric and lay it flat on a table,
placing the egg into the centre.

3.Wrap the fabric tightly around the egg and
secure with a rubber band.

4.Place your wrapped eggs into a non-reactive pot
and submerge the pot in around two inches of boiling hot water, covering the
eggs in four tablespoons of white vinegar.

5.Leave to simmer for 40 minutes and cool for 20
minutes. Unwrap the eggs afterwards to see the transferred design.

Create a nest for your eggs

Now that you have decorated your eggs, you’ll need somewhere
to store them. We have the perfect solution:

1.Grab an old bowl and cover it entirely in
plastic wrap.

2.Place the bowl upside down on wax paper.

3.Use a separate container to create a solution of
water and clear glue in equal measures.

4.Shred sheets of paper and dip them into the
solution. Place them directly onto the bowl, layering until it is completely

5.Leave to dry for 12 hours and use the plastic
wrap to remove the paper bowl. You’ll have the perfect place to store your
chocolate eggs.

Make art with egg shells

Do you have spare hard boiled eggs? It’s time to showcase
your art skills. Here’s how:

1.Dye the hard boiled eggs a colour of your choice
and crack them open, gathering together all of the shell pieces.

2.Allow the shell pieces to dry – they will be a
little wet when you peel them.

3.Once dry, put all of the shell pieces into a
plastic bag and crush them into even smaller bits.

4.Draw an outline of an Easter character and trace
over the outline with glue.

5.While the glue is wet, sprinkle the shell pieces
over the design. Wait for the glue to dry and voila! Your work of art is

Check out our art & craft supplies to find everything you need to complete
these tasks. We would love to hear how you are getting creative this Easter –
let us know your ideas on our social media pages.


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