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Five Productivity-Boosting Workstation Hacks

Five Productivity-Boosting Workstation Hacks

When it comes to office productivity, the
working environment itself has a lot to answer for. Healthier, happier
employees are the most productive employees and the setting in which you work
has a direct effect on productivity. With so many hours spent sitting at a
desk, it is essential that your workstation is set up for maximum efficiency.
From standing desks to stimulating scents, let’s take a look at five workstation
hacks that can increase efficiency in the workplace.


Standing Desks

If you work in an office, your day no doubt involves sitting
at a desk for hours at a time. According to recent research by the NHS,
sitting down for long periods of time without taking regular breaks presents a
number of health risks including obesity, diabetes, some forms of cancer and
even early death. A standing desk can provide the perfect solution to this
encouraging employees to be more active and burn more calories throughout the
day. Standing can also help you to feel more alert increasing productivity as a


Check Your Chair Height

Sitting at a desk all day can play havoc with your posture
and can lead to back, shoulder and neck pain especially if you don’t maintain
an ergonomic workspace. Joint ache and posture problems can lead to increased absence which in turn results in low
productivity levels. The key to achieving a correct sitting position is to
ensure that you invest in an ergonomic
and check that it is set at the correct height. It is likely that
your office chair is adjustable and in order to make sure it isn’t set too high
or too low, you should check that the chair aligns with your kneecap when
standing. When sitting, your thighs should be parallel to the floor and your
feet should be flat to the floor.

Lighten Up

A dark and
dingy office space isn’t going to do much for your productivity levels, but
neither is a harsh clinical fluorescent light. Natural light is the key to a happy and productive work environment.
If you can’t bag a desk close to a window, a SAD lamp may be the next best
thing. Prolonged exposure to artificial lighting has been connected with seasonal affective disorder and light therapy
in the form of a SAD lamp can help you avoid that afternoon slump.


Customise Your Keyboard

You may
have heard the saying, work smarter not harder and the equipment you use could
be holding you back from peak efficiency. Gaming keyboards are designed to get
you to the next level in the quickest time, but they can also help save you
time and effort at work. Simply put, a gaming keyboard provides you with the
ability to create more shortcuts, therefore, cutting down on the amount of time
it takes to complete admin tasks. You can even personalise your keyboard with
hotkeys to streamline the process further.

Scent Your Station

Certain scents have been linked to increased productivity,
confidence levels and even alertness and we’re not talking about the odour left
over from your bacon sandwich or your morning coffee. Not only that, some
scents can even impact your mood. If you want to be more focused, alert and
re-energised, consider adding the following scents to your workspace. Citrus
fragrances are said to fend off fatigue and ease stress while bringing the
added benefit of elevating your mood. While scented candles may not be
appropriate in an office environment, a plant for your office desk or a new
personal fragrance could do the trick.For
example, choosing a perfume with notes of lemon or grapefruit could do wonders
for your mood. Peppermint scents can boost concentration levels and provide an
energy boost while rosemary promotes clear thinking.

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