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Exploring the Art of Photography at Our #VikingPicturePerfect Event

Exploring the Art of Photography at Our #VikingPicturePerfect Event

Here at Viking, we believe that taking the perfect picture can tell the perfect story. What better way to learn how to take the perfect picture than surrounded by Christmas decorations and with a cocktail in hand? Well, we teamed up with a party of talented bloggers and invited them down to Dirty Martini in Birmingham to learn how to brush up their photography skills along with the help of professional photographer, Elouisa Georgiou.

A decent camera, a high-quality printer and photopaper lay the foundations of our photography masterclass but, with the help of Elouisa and a few top techniques, our bloggers learned to take their photos to the next level.

After a welcome drink, our guests were split into two teams, each with their cameras and phones at the ready. One team took pictures of the magnificent festive displays on tables, the others had the freedom to explore – with the necessary tools to experiment with lighting and abstract images, of course.

Creativity filled the room as our bloggers tried out the new tricks they had learnt from expert Elouisa. They weren’t the only ones getting creative, as the talented bar staff produced an array of colourful cocktails for the bloggers to enjoy as they got stuck into a photoshoot dominated by fairy lights and Christmas crackers. To make sure empty stomachs wouldn’t affect the photography, the tables were covered in Christmassy canapes and festive nibbles. After all, it was a competition – and we didn’t want any poor excuses!

The competition was to see which bloggers could impress Elouisa the most with what they learnt throughout the day, and the top prize included a new printer and photopaper.

Before a winner was chosen there was a presentation where our bloggers were asked about the different photos they had taken, and why they had chosen those photos. Elouisa then chose a winner and presented them with their prize. Viking’s social media team were at hand to capture all the important moments. Each of our guests also left with a goody bag containing a tripod to ensure the brilliant photography continued.

We had an amazing time hosting the event and would like to thank every one of our lovely guests for sharing the day with us. We would also like to say a big thank you to Dirty Martini for providing us with drinks and a brilliant venue for the day. That’s a wrap!

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