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Employees actually do adjust the settings on their desk chairs

Employees actually do adjust the settings on their desk chairs

– Results from an Office Depot poll on LinkedIn and Facebook


It’s all very well buying a premium ergonomic office chair; if you don’t adjust it, you don’t get the benefits from it.  At Office Depot/Viking, we’re continuously working to make sure our clients understand the importance of a good set-up. The success of our products ultimately depends on it! Nevertheless, we sometimes fear that office workers actually only adjust the height, which is not enough for a healthy working posture. That impression, however, is in fact just an assumption. So, we decided to test it with a poll on LinkedIn and Facebook that asked this question: “Have you adjusted the settings on the office chair you’re currently sitting in?”


The results* were surprising, to say the least. The majority, at least 59 per cent, were working in a desk chair they’d fully adjusted. That means that they weren’t just able to adjust the height, but everything else the chairs offered, such as customisable armrests and backrests. It was a very positive result!


And the other 40 per cent?

As happy as we were with the outcome of the poll, we must remember that it also showed that about 40 per cent haven’t (fully) adjusted their desk chair. 19% of respondents don’t adjust their chair and 13% adjust only the height. To lower those numbers (and possibly those chairs) here’s a step-by-step guide to properly adjusting your chair.


A step-by-step guide to adjusting your desk chair


  1. Adjust the height of your chair so that your knees form a 90-degree angle and your feet rest on the ground.
  2. Adjust your armrests so that your arms bend at a 90-degree angle. Avoid hunching your shoulder and be sure that your arms can relax on your armrest.
  3. Adjust your desk to exactly the same height as your armrests – don’t slide your armrests underneath!
  4. Adjust the backrest to prevent you from leaning back, which everyone does automatically. The knob for the backrest is usually on the left side of the chair. As you loosen the knob, the backrest yields. This allows the chair to adjust to your posture to support an active sitting position.
  5. Adjust the backrest’s counterpressure. The button for this is usually on the underside of the seat. You can determine how strong the counterpressure should be, depending on your weight. The most important thing here is that your backrest provides enough support for your back.


What if you can’t adjust your desk height? In that case, make sure that you have a footrest. A height-adjustable desk, however, really is a requirement for a good working posture, especially if you are working from home more than two days per week. Ideally, you would adjust your desk to your chair, not the other way around. Wanna learn more about good posture? Check out this blog about ergonomic office solutions.



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