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Choosing the perfect printer

Choosing the perfect printer


Whether you use it to print homework, holiday snaps or work
documents, every home should own a printer. But how do you know which one to
choose? Read on to discover our top tips…

I use my printer … to print photos

Many people use their home printer to print off their own
photos. Although photo printing services are available, the cost per photo can
mount up quickly, especially if you’re printing many at once.

An inkjet printer with specialist photo printing capabilities
is an ideal option, as it will provide crystal-clear printouts. However,
standard inkjet printers can also be used to print impressive snaps and can be
a better choice for all round use.

Printing photos uses up a considerable amount of ink. Before
you buy a printer, you should always research the price of the ink cartridges
for your model to ensure print costs remain low.

I use my printer … rarely

Printers are often neglected in the home, only being used to
print the occasional booking confirmation or voucher.

If this is the case in your household, you should choose a
budget inkjet printer. This will help keep costs low, while still meeting your
needs and remaining functional.

I use my printer … in my home office

If you do work from home, you can find you need to print off
many documents and forms on a daily basis. While it will provide high-quality
print outs, an inkjet printer can be slow to operate, taking a long time to
print multiple sheets.

A laser printer is a much more suitable option, as it can print
documents quickly and efficiently. However, this type of printer is generally
not recommended for photo printing, so it might be worth investing in an
additional inkjet printer for personal use.

I use my printer … as a hub

Is your home office stuffed in the spare room or taking up a
corner of the lounge? If so, you’ll understand how precious space is.

Save space and combine your printer, scanner and fax machine
into a multi-functional printer. Not only will you have all of your essential
gadgets to hand, you’ll be able to free up some much needed desk space.

You’ll find a great
range of
printers here at Viking. Take a look at the range and find your perfect printer


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