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Beating the January blues

Beating the January blues


While we may not have had a white Christmas, it seems we’re
set for a blue January. So you and your workmates can battle the blues, we’ve
put together this handy guide to see you through the most hated of all winter

Stay positive

Yes, it’s cold and dark. We’d all love an extra day off or a couple of hours more in bed, but frankly it’s not going to happen!

Being the office grump will not only annoy your workmates, you’ll struggle to shift your own bad mood too. Instead, stay positive. Chat to others about how they spent the Christmas break and look forward to other upcoming events.

Be nice

With deadlines looming and tasks mounting up, we can easily become stressed. Sometimes, we even take our frustrations out on our colleagues.

Always try to keep your cool at work – it’ll make it a better environment for everyone. Trying to do one nice gesture a day will help spread the positive atmosphere too. This could be anything from holding open a door to complementing a colleague on a job well done.

And if you do lose your cool, make amends with the unfortunate recipient of your wrath, explaining it was just a bad day!

Have some me time

The hustle and bustle of the festive period can often leave us feeling run down come January. Throw in some early morning starts and the post-festive season sniffles, and we can feel far from ourselves.

If you’re anything like us, you probably received numerous toiletry sets for Christmas. Now is the perfect time to put them to good use. Soak yourself in a hot bubble bath, slip into your favourite PJs and snuggle up in front of a good movie.

It may sound like a simple solution but having some me time can do wonders for your mood, allowing you to relax and unwind.

Go out and about

It’s no secret that exercising can improve your mood. Instead of spending your lunch break cooped up in the office, get out and about and go for a walk.

A brisk walk will provide a change of scenery from the four walls of the office, and you’ll be able to clear your head too. Afterwards, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to face the afternoon.

What are your top tips for battling the January blues? Let us know in the comments below.

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