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Avoid Game of Thrones Spoilers With Our Handy Labels

Avoid Game of Thrones Spoilers With Our Handy Labels

Game of Thrones returns to our screens next Monday (13th
April), and here at Viking we’re pretty excited about it. There’s nothing
better than getting together the next day to chat about who we think should sit
the Iron Throne and what twists and turns lie ahead.

That is, unless you miss an episode.

If you’re a couple of episodes, or even a series behind, a
spoiler of the latest butchered character could be a deal breaker. The show is
crammed full of revelations, romances, battles and betrayals that no matter how
many weekend marathons you have, keeping up to date can to hard. But keeping
away from spoilers is even harder!

But no longer! We want everyone in the office to enjoy the
show, which is why we’ve created our very own Game of Thrones Spoiler Tags.

If you are an episode or two behind, simply label where you
are at with your spoiler tag to make sure everyone can keep track of the what
to talk to you about. Never accidently hear one of your favourite characters
has bitten the dust again by simply selecting the tag you’re most up-to-date
with, printing it onto some sticker paper, and wearing it around the office!


Once you’ve caught up a little, update your tags too. The
more you watch, the more you’ll be able to get in on your colleague’s fun, so
work your way through the tags until you’re completely up to date! Now you’ve
just got those pesky book readers to contend with…

And if you aren’t watching the show, but don’t want to be
left out round the water cooler, we’ll be arming you with go-to characters,
events and phrases to get you through the newest season.

Be sure to shed some light on where you’re at with Game of
Thrones. For the night is dark and full of spoilers.

Don’t be a Bolton, keep your ink and toner topped up in your
office with our handy information hub.

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