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Apps to help your spring clean

Apps to help your spring clean

Spring is just around the corner, which means it’s time to grab the
cleaning equipment and get your home or office sparkling again.

Thanks to the power of technology, spring cleaning can be easier and
more fun than ever before. Here’s our top four cleaning apps for iPhone and iPad:


If you like to split your household tasks between rooms, the HomeRoutines app is perfect
for you.

Priced at £3.99, the program allows you to draft up a number of routine
checklists and mark which day of the week you’d like to complete them. There’s
even reminder notifications to ensure you never forget about a task.

Plus, every time you complete a task you will be receive a gold star – a
nice little reward for your efforts.


The Tody app, available for
£2.29, allows you to create a list of chores. Your tasks will appear alongside
a progress bar, which informs you when each task is due or how many days they
are overdue.

The tasks can be split into different rooms of the home. The progress
bars will act as a guide of where you should be concentrating your cleaning

Green Shine

There are many ways to live a greener lifestyle, from ditching the car
to recycling more. With the Green Shine app, you can be
more environmentally friendly with your cleaning.

The app lists common chores and advises how to complete them using
healthier, safer and, of course, greener homemade alternatives.

Download the app now for £2.29.


Is there someone in your home who always opts to play videogames instead
of helping out and completing their household chores? EpicWin is a perfect solution.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, which costs £2.29, your first task is to
create and name a character. Your avatar will then be sent on an epic journey
but the only way to progress is to complete a quest.

However, the catch is that each quest is a chore or task that you set –
for instance, clean a bookshelf or tidy up a bathroom cabinet.

We’re sure you will have a strong and powerful character in no time.

Have you came across any apps that help you complete household chores
with ease? Let us know on our social media pages.


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